6 Mar 2006 - Normalizing After Katrinas Rath
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Damon McKnight/Super Strike Charters
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The weather has finally cooperated enough this past week (except for yesterday)so we could get out and make up for last week when the fishing was not so good. On Monday we had the Raul Perez gang. Raul talked about wanting a wahoo, he had never caught one before and wouldn't you know our first big fish in the boat was about a 98lber. give or take a couple of pounds. Definitely the biggest wahoo I have ever put in the boat. Caught him on mono which is very lucky, then he went to the worst place on the boat for the gaff which is between the engines. If we wouldn't have gaffed him when we did he would have definitely been a goner. I guess it was just meant to be. We had a couple of more blackfin, some big sharks, and that was about it for the day. On Wednesday we had the Tony Valenti group. They ended the day with 3 yellowfin(20, 60, and 80lbs.) and 8 blackfin tuna. Scott the coroner had the big fish of the day. It was the last fish of the day and I called it the Holy S___t fish! because he finally got one in the boat. His luck definitely changed on this fish. Unfortunately Scott lost more fish than usual. Not from doing anything wrong, that is just the way it happens sometimes. Two of the fish were definite heart breakers, but he made up for it in the end. Congrats. On Friday we took out Randy Chase and friends. Ended the day with two yellas(65 & a 67lber), 1 blackfin tuna, 1 amberjack, and 1 beeliner. The fishing is definitely getting back on track and the weather seems to be cooperating a little more than it had been. We'll see what this week looks like though. I saw a post earlier that will confuse some people about tuna season. There is no last of the tuna season, we catch tuna year round. When the lump season ends we go to our spring time area and catch just as many tuna if not more than right now. The only thing that changes is the technique.

Things are starting to feel a lot more normal now since Hurricane Katrina. Lodging is available at the Venice Marina which is certainly a sign that things are finally coming together. Emotions by everyone were up and down and I think I heard the words 'It never ends' more in the past three months than ever. The work is still far from over but the overwhelming factor seems to have lifted for the most part.

We will be fishing all week weather permitting. Damon McKnight/Super Strike Charters/1 800 318 1720