21 Dec 2002 - Trout are biting at Irvine Lake California
 Category:  California Southern
 Author Name:  just me
 Author E-mail:  me again
Click here to enlarge Report Description: The trout are biting at Lake Irvine in California again. I fished with Louis Aguilar from around 9 am to closing on the lake which is about 4 pm. We managed to get our limit trolling Yo zuri Slavko Bugs and yo zuri emperor minnows along with Louis favorite lure the cd 5 in rainbow trout pattern. I managed 5 trout on the slavko bugs and 1 on the emperor minnow also in rainbow trout pattern. I learned that we should have been throwing some spoons that day as the fish were biting them anywhere we had gotten bit that day. Oh well we did fine and I recommend the lake to anyone who just likes to get out and wet a line. Fishing is great and after speaking with someone at a local tackle shop I learned that the fish are biting on roostertails if thrown once bitten on the troll. Good luck if you get out.....Steve