18 Feb 2021 - GORDO BANKS PANGAS San Jose del Cabo
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 Author Name:  Eric
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January 24, 2021

We enjoyed variable winter time conditions in Southern Baja this past week.
High temperatures averaging 75 degrees, more cloud cover and even had some
measurable rain fall on Wednesday, generally lighter winds, predominately
from the north, though not as persistent as they were in past weeks. Light
crowds of tourists now arriving, looks to be the predicted pattern for the
coming months, until Covid induced regulations are simplified or eased and
vaccinations are made readily available to the general public. In the
meantime all local businesses supported by the tourist industry will be
optimistically waiting for the situation to improve.

In the direction of the Sea of Cortez the ocean currents been green, as the
same East Cape conditions have now swept onto local grounds. Clarity has
fluctuated, but overall water color has been very greenish, though off of
Cabo San Lucas currents have been much cleaner. Over the weekend though
there were reports of slight improvement north of the Gordo Banks to around
San Luis, a couple of wahoo hook ups were reported. On the Gordo Banks
there was a showing of yellowfin tuna and at least one 80 lb. class
yellowfin was landed, other hook ups were lost, not many boats were on the
spot when the tuna did show up, drifting with sardinas was the method they
used to entice the strikes. So maybe something will develop with this,
providing conditions do stabilize some more. Ocean water temperature has
varied on areas, day to day as well, ranging from 67 to 74 degrees.

There has been plenty of bait in the area, charters are reportedly seeing
large concentrations of baitfish on local grounds, though this did not mean
that the gamefish were easy for anglers to find. Bait vendors are offering
sardinas, caballito, mackerel and ballyhoo. Dorado are being found in
limited numbers, mainly around concentrations of baitfish and often on the
same offshore billfish grounds. With a handful of these dorado being bulls
over 20 lb.

We saw a little more variety and size of fish found off of the shallow
rocky structure. Though this action just now seems to be showing signs of
activity, this week we saw amberjack, cabrilla, bonito, red snapper and
triggerfish. We do anticipate that this type of action improves the next
couple of months. Along the shore we saw a little more action for the
sierra, they had become scarce in past seeks, so hopefully this is a
favorable sign that these cold water fish will rebound.

Billfish action was more scattered now, main species is the striped marlin,
sizes averaging 70 to 100 lb. No great concentration in any particular
area, we should see steady improvement with greater numbers of stripers, as
ocean conditions improve with more steady weather patterns.

Good fishing, Eric

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