7 Sep 2004 - Ketchikan Fishing Report
 Category:  Alaska
 Author Name:  Stan Wright
 Author E-mail:  stanwright@hawaii.rr.com
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Our cruise ship was only docked in Ketchikan for 5 hours. Right at the end of the pier was a tourist place with a little fly shop called The Hook Up. There I met my guide Seth Conrow. Within 15 minutes we were standing just below a small set of rapids on a little stream ..... both hooked up to a pink salmon. Now these fish weighed between 4 and 5 pounds, maby larger. They were just out of the ocean, hard fighting, high jumping, and attacking our purple or pink egg-sucking-leach flys with wild abandon.

As the tide rose, the little pond grew larger and filled to overflowing with more fish. Pinks, Silvers, Reds and Dollies. I was standing in knee deep water with fish all around me. When a harbor seal invaded the pool the salmon were literally jumping on shore to escape.

After 2 hours of non stop action, I had to quit.
Tired but happy.

Would I go again? In a hart beat. I still havenít experienced the fly out fishing to a remote river, the small mountain lakes filled with trout, or working the edges of the kelp beds from a boat catching all kind of interesting species. (I understand the Saltwater Black Bass attacking popping bugs is something to see.... wild)