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From Jan 01, 1999 To Mar 26, 2019
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 Oct 5, 2011; 12:10AM - When they make the turn
 Category:  Saltwater
 Author Name:  Mark Rayor
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: WHEN THEY MAKE THE TURN
Yellowfin tuna jumping and feeding with schools of
porpoise are being found 35 to 50 miles from Los
Barriles. The tuna have been very finicky and even
the first boat to find a school is having a hard time
getting bit. After a couple other boats arrive on the
scene it is game over.

Close to home billfish and dorado have been more
cooperative and providing lots of action. Most of
the dorado have been too small to keep but the
sailfish, striped and blue marlin are keeping anglers

My brother from another mother Accurate Jack
Nilsen shot photography and field tested new
products while fishing Jen Wren III for a few days.
Jack invited different guests to fish each day.
Catching multiple billfish daily allowed everyone
invited to land one. All were released except for one
blue marlin that died in battle after being brain

Most of the fish caught came into our lure pattern
and we were able to switch them to bait. It is a hoot
to sit in the bridge and watch marlin in pursuit.
When coming from behind it is very difficult for
them to get a good line on the bait. With eyes being
on the sides of their head and a big snout sticking
out over their mouth its pretty hard to catch a bait
straight in front of them. As the lures are trolled
away the fish chases, becomes more frustrated and
lights up. I watched fish after fish in pursuit. It is
when they make the turn on a bait the game begins.

It has been a hay day for billfish. Between Jack and
myself we captured some incredible images.

Mark Rayor
 Jun 5, 2011; 02:27PM - Sea of Cortez, Jaccurate brings the Dream Team
 Category:  Saltwater
 Author Name:  Mark Rayor
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Jack Nilsen has become the self-appointed
photographer and ambassador of having a good
time for Accurate reels. Not only is it always a good
time when he visits, the fish always bite.

This trip was no exception. By our second day the
count of marlin released was in double digits. We
ended up losing count of how many double hook
ups we had and how many marlin were released.

Let the good times roll!

For more great photos of this trip check out Jack's
blog at:

For a You Tube of Jack's last trip to the East Cape

Mark Rayor
 Apr 10, 2010; 07:27PM - A GREAT WEEKEND
 Category:  Saltwater
 Author Name:  Captain Butch Foster
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: 4-5-10

As promised, although a little late cause when I got home last night I laid down on the couch, that was a mistake on my part!!!

Here's most of what happened over the weekend. We had the pleasure to fish with a group of fun guys from New York City for two days in a row.

They were Gregg Jackson, Ron Humber, Montgomery,SR., Montgomery,Jr., John High, and Preston, all from NYC.

We were on a bottom fish mission both days and and we maxed out our limits on Black Bass both days along with a huge Lemon Shark, several limits of Grey Snappers, Silver Snappers, several Vermillion Snappers, and even big Grouper that had to be released due to season closure.

The Grouper season is supposed to reopen May 1st. The action was nearly non stop both days. If all the fish that were caught would have been legal to keep and were kept, I doubt a pickup truck would have held them all.

There are a few King Mackeral starting to show up. Capt Wally on the Fish Whistle found some this weekend. I don't know where they were, and from 'professional Courtesy' I didn't ask.

I heard on the radio that there was some Wahoo caught around the 100/400 area and I do know there was some Black Fin Tuna caught 'cause when we got to the Marina the guys were cleaning them.

Reports were all the Bonito (False Albacore) you ever wanted are out near the Tower and pretty much everywhere else.

There's a lot of fish on top all over in the Tower area. I don't know what they are, I expect they are Bonito, but everyone I hooked up broke off. I was casting a spoon to them on lite tackle. If I went to heavier tackle that would probably hold them, They wouldn't bite, that's fishin'!!!

Here's a bit of information that might help you. Capt Greg was diving this weekend and told me that the surface water temp went only 11 feet deep. After that it dropped, and on the bottom it was 53 degrees. It is warming slower that usual this year, but the fish still have to eat!!!!

It was as pretty this weekend as you could ever expect it to be. The fish were hungry, and we will have proof of that coming soon.

While we were fishing we shot a video for the 'Fishing For Reel' TV show, I will be getting a CD of that show, and plan to play it at the Saltwater Shows next year!!

So, come on down and go fishin'. If you are too busy to go fishin' then you are just too busy!!! Life is short, and time waits on no one.

Believe me, I know, I just about waited till it was too late to persue what I wanted to do in life and if you wait too long it gets tougher with age!!!!

Hope you guys made it back to NYC safe and I can't wait till we do this again, I know I had a blast!!!!

If I forgot something, hopefully Capt Chris will edit this for me!!

Till next time, God Bless All!!!!!!

Fish On!!!
Capt's Butch & Chris Foster
 Category:  Saltwater
 Author Name:  Captain Butch Foster
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description:
Today we headed offshore with Darren, and Rose Ellis, from Westphalia, Kansas along with Raymond Head also from Westphalia,KS and Vance Hodgden and Jodi Bollig from Chanute,KS.

We headed towards the tower in hopes of avoiding most of the sharks that inhabit the waters closer in this time of year.

We did avoid the Spiney Dog Sharks, but that's not to say we were able to hide from the Atlantic sharpnose sharks.

It seems these guys are virtually everywhere and the Tower area was no exception.

But, we didn't mind, they are good to eat and we got our limit of one each, fought the rest and released them.

The bottom fishing was good, although we caught a lot of fish, the keeper size was at a premium today. The current was running hard, which makes for tough fishing, but we got the job done in style.

The lite line kept us busy today, while we limited out on King Mackeral. Raymond Head was the 'man' today. He caught the biggest King Mackeral which weighed around 25 pounds and he also caught the biggest black bass at around 31/2 pounds.

You know you have done your job when you go to the fish cleaning station at the marina and Darrin says 'my cooler isn't big enough to hold all the filets'.

His cooler was at least a 48 quart and he had probably enough filets to fill another 48 qt. Let's see, two 48 qt. coolers, that would equal a 96 quart cooler full of filets, yeah, we had a good day of catching. Now, that's just a bonus when you add it to a great day of fishing with friends!!

Darren fishes with us every year and it was good to see him and family and friends again. It's a long drive from Kansas every year, and I am honored he drives that far to fish with us!!!

OK, looks like the winds are going to blow for a few days, but as soon as it settles again, we will be back out and will have another report.

Till next time, God Bless You All!!!!
Fish On!!!!
Capt Butch
 Nov 30, 2008; 07:24AM - Georgia Winter Fishing is ON!
 Category:  Saltwater
 Author Name:  Capt. Richie Lott
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: From Marsh to Reef, Georgia Fishing is ON!
Capt. Richie Lott
November 30, 2008
St. Simons Island - Saltwater Fishing Report
This Inshore season is one to remember, and it is far from over..... I don't know anyone who is not catching Trout this year. The water temperature is falling pretty quick, now. We are now in the mid 50's and low 60's. There are mounds of large trout being caught this month. We all know there some excellent fisherman in the south GA area and these abilities have shown this season with a Trout close to 5 Pounds is leading one of our local season tournaments. That's a STELLAR Trout, to say the least. Hopefully, we will continue to see some of these bigger trout weighed in at the dock..

There has been word of a 'top-water' Trout bite in the area, so I couldn't resist, and the rumors were validated. A veteran fisherman in S.E. Georgia, Richard Blythe Sr., mentioned a spot to me last year and it was unreal. This week, we hit that same spot with AZUMA Skitter Pops and the bite was insane just before dark. Every cast produced a Trout, and most all were keeper size fish, but the fun was in the Strike! Good fun. Try it just before dark sometime in your favorite Trout spot. You'll be hooked.....

Also, the carolina rig continues it's tradition of catching large trout on the bottom. This year has only been better for bottom fishing the rig... Can it actually get any better?

A 6.5 pound trout was caught in the Hampton River on St. Simons by a good friend of mine and local guide, Capt. Dooley Miller. He was lucky enough to catch the fish during a trout tournament for the Sea Island Company to top it all off! SUPER nice fish... This is one of the biggest Trout of the year that we have actual proof and a photo. This size trout is NOT common in this area what so ever, but when one is caught, it is a BIG deal.

The stranger thing about this fish is this.... Most big trout in GA are caught in deep water areas while drifting a float along allowing the shrimp or Minnow to drag the bottom as the current takes the float and rig down river. Dooley cught this fish in a shallow water creek the has hardly ever produced a trout over 2 pounds. Literally, you never know......


The offshore bottom bite continues to be insane. Each year our winter bottom fishing gets better. The quality of fish have improved as well as the numbers of these quality fish incuding; Red Snapper, Vermilion Snapper, Grouper, Big Sea Bass, Sheepshead and Grey Triggers.

Most of the Striking/Pelagic fish have moved south and east for the season and the sardines and cigar minnows have vacated the area within 40 miles of shore. There is bait at the R-4 Tower, but that is a 60 mile run straight offshore just to get bait, if you can keep it from the barracudas. I will personally NOT be making that trip. Strips of Bonito have proved to be just fine for the bottom fishing we have been doing....

Good Fishing!

Capt. Richie Lott

St. Simons Island Fishing Forecast:
Falling water temperature will slow the trout bite by January, but offshore will continue to produce bottom fish in good numbers.

Target Species:
Trout, Red Snapper and more

 Nov 12, 2008; 12:26PM - Costa Rica Fishing Report
 Category:  Saltwater
 Author Name:  Jerry Hallstrom
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Jerry “Bubba” Hallstrom

The weather the past few weeks has returned to our normal pattern for “green season”. Most of Costa Rica has had nice days with calm water, light breezes and the occasional evening shower.

The boats up and down the pacific coast are still catching good numbers of mahi mahi with some sailfish, marlin and tuna in the mix. The fishing on the Caribbean side continues to be good for tarpon and the guapote bite at Lake Arenal has been about average for this time of year.

Northern Pacific

Petra Schoep from Tamarindo Sportfishing reports some good action with dorado, grouper, tuna and the occasional blue marlin. The Talking Fish with Capt. Randy Wilson took out Richard Krug for a half day and caught numerous grouper and dorado and a nice blue marlin estimated at 300 pounds. Captain Jose Lopez on the OutCast took Rick and Vivienne Werner for a half day and caught good numbers of dorado.

Captain Ralph Solano from Costa Rica Wild Fishing took a client from New Jersey out for some inshore kayak fishing near Flamingo Beach. They hooked up a 50 pound roosterfish on 30 pound line and it took him 35 minutes to land and safely release that fine fish.
Captain Skeet Warren on the Bushwacker fished offshore with Eddie Alexander and friends from Mississippi and caught 3 sailfish and 7 mahi mahi. A few days later they went inshore and caught 1 sailfish, 2 roosterfish, 2 wahoo, 3 jack crevalle, 2 sierra mackerel, and a lot of bonito. The seas have been calm and the weather great.
(Pic 2)

Central Pacific
I was lucky enough to go out with Captain Jeremy Trujillo on the Desperado last weekend. The Desperado is a really nice 60 ft Bertram with Direct TV. I am not sure if it gets any better than being 25 miles offshore fishing and watching college football on ESPN. The air conditioning was so cold you needed a blanket and the leather couch made for a nice spot for a nap. We ended the day with 6 nice mahi mahi and we raised 2 sailfish. My friends and I had a great time on a beautiful boat and we caught a bunch of good eating fish. Watching football and fishing offshore at the same time is like a dream come true.
Captain Dana Thomas took a Ukrainian gentleman out for a day of fishing in the Hoo’s Up. The client had caught fish all over the world…he fished Jamaica, Bahamas, Mexico, Florida and more but he never caught a sailfish or marlin. He kept saying he wanted a big fish in his very broken English. Captain Dana took him out 26 miles and fished the corner hoping to get a sailfish. They caught a dozen mahi mahi but the guy wanted “big feesh”…the client told Dana if he caught him a marlin he would pay him $500. Dana laughed and said he would catch him a marlin for free if he could…the bite lately has been for mahi mahi and not many marlin have been caught. Dana heard on his radio about a boat that missed a couple marlin so he headed in that direction. About an hour later the Ukrainian guy got his wish and they hooked up a nice blue marlin. The guy battled his fish and it was safely released. The client was very happy and had no problem following through on his $500 promise.
Captain RJ Lillie went for a half day recently and caught 15 nice mahi mahi. The clients kept of few of the bigger ones and had the local restaurant near their hotel cook up their catch with all the Costa Rica side dishes.

Captain James Smith and the guys on the Dragin Fly went out last week about 25 miles and had a great day offshore. They caught 5 mahi mahi, 9 yellowfin yuna, 4 sailfish and a marlin.
Captain Dave Motherhead on the Missbehavin took a couple out from Texas. They went for a half day and caught 8 nice mahi mahi and a sailfish.
Captain Dominic Santana on the Caballo Del Mar in Herradura Bay went out recently with a couple guys from the USA and they caught 12 mahi mahi, 2 mackerel and a nice roosterfish.

Captain Chris Bernstel reports The Kinembe II has been working the tuna pretty hard out of Quepos as well as the typical piles of dorado going into the cooler. There have also been a few sailfish and marlin in the mix. Bernstel also reports a good inshore bite for snapper
Captain Dave Dobbins of Fish La Manta in Quepos reports all the dorado you can catch just a little ways offshore.
Southern Pacific

Captain Bob Baker from Golfito Sportfishing reports summer like weather conditions in the Golfito area. The
tuna and dorado are outside in good numbers. Wahoo are making a good showing off Mata Palo and down off the reefs of Punta Burica, chasing Yo-Zuri bonito , sub-surface tremblers, rapala's, and jet head plastics. There are still black marlin around the tuna and bonito schools. The sailfish bite has been spotty with boats averaging a couple sails per day.

Northern Region
Capt. Ron Saunders from Arenal Fishing reports partley sunny days and cool mornings at Lake Arenal. The lake is at near capacity. The up-side of high water – there is lots of tall, grassy shoreline to cast in. The down-side is – the shelves keep changing depths, which keep the fish moving around. Saunders has been fishing the last couple of weeks rain or shine, and is catching a few medium sized fish on half-day tours. Fish appear to be in a post-spawn funk; you’ll get lots of strikes and smacks on the top-water, but it takes work to get them to actually take the hook.
Caribbean Region

Captain Eddie Brown on the Bullshark took Todd Staley out for some fishing last week in Tortuguero. They jumped 20 tarpon and released 2, they caught a couple snook in the 15 pound range and a nice snapper. The next morning the caught 3 snook one over 20 pounds.

Philippe Tisseaux from San Carlos Sportfishing reports the San Juan River is still up with all the rain in October but they are still catching tarpon over 100 pounds. There has also been a good snook bite further up the river and one lucky angler is reported to have caught a 52 pound snook near El Castillo.

Diann Sanchez from the Rio Colorado Lodge reports sunny days and a good tarpon bite in the northern Caribbean. They had several groups the past few weeks and everyone is having some luck. The groups going for tarpon have been jumping an average of 8-10 tarpon per day and releasing 2 or 3 of them. Several groups have been fishing the lagoons and have had good luck with guapote, machacha, mojarra and snook. One group went offshore and caught wahoo, kingfish and barracuda.

Please send us your fishing reports, fish photos, fish forecast and any comments or suggestions you have for the Tico Times Fishing Column to Bubba at or give us a call locally at 2778-7217 or 1-800-9SAILFISH from the USA.

 Oct 23, 2008; 07:23AM - Georgia Bull Redfish in October
 Category:  Saltwater
 Author Name:  Capt. Richie Lott
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Capt. Richie Lott
October 22, 2008
St. Simons Island - Saltwater Fishing Report

The Bull Redfish bite near shore off the GA coast has been simply incredible. After last years hero or zero season, we started the first week of October with an amazing 71 fish as of yesterday, landed and released.

The Reds have been ranging from 20 pounds to over 40 pounds, with 30-32 being the average.

These Spawning females come to the same places each year to spawn like clockwork and we are extremely fortunate to have this fishery. There are not very many places in the world that offer this type of fishing with reds in this size range and best if all, the bite is dependable.

If you have never caught a Bull Redfish, NOW is the time to fish for them on the GA coast. The bigger fish have been down in my neck of the woods. St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island, just off the beaches in very particular areas. These spots are traditional guide spots for Reds and are somwehat secluded/not fished areas where we're catching the fish over 35 pounds. The key to finding these fish is finding bait. No Secrets, that's the key. Period.

As far as finding new spots where there is likely to be Reds without hunting bait schools, the best thing you can do is seek breaking water on a sandbar with deep water nearby and fish the breakers and on the ledge where the breakers drop off into the channel next to them. If there are baitfish around, there should be Bull Reds.

It's a fun game and the fish make some great photos. Pretty much anything will work for bait, but it needs to be fresh. It's hard to beat a fresh menhaden, live or dead fished right on the bottom...! See photos and video of these fish @

Happy Fishing!

Target Species: Bull Redfish
 Nov 17, 2006; 11:14PM - Whipping for Big Fish
 Category:  Saltwater
 Author Name:  Stan Wright
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: The Pencil Popper was almost to the boat when the water exploded under it. The 40 pound GT ( Giant Trevalle or Ulua as we call them here in Hawaii ) was so close to the boat it splash water on Steve and me. This was the 7th cast Steve made this morning. He missed fish on his 2nd and 3rd cast, but as the 50 pound test line melted from the spinning reel, we knew this was a solid hook up.

Captain Steve Petras, a charter boat skipper from Kona was hooked into his very first GT. He had traveled to Christmas Island for just this kind of action. Big GT and Ahi (yellowfin tuna) on spin casting gear. If the first 5 minutes of fishing was any indication of what we could expect, it was going to be an exciting week.

Steve makes his own rods, and balances his reels, line, and lures to get maximum performance. I ask him what kind of gear one could buy off the shelf if they were visiting Christmas Island and wanted a chance at landing some 40 pound plus fish.

The spinning rods, according to Steve, should be from 6 to 7 feet long with a light tip and plenty of backbone. He mentioned the Ugly Stik, Penn Slammer and rods by Star.

For spinning reels, he suggested the big Shimon's. Stella, Sustain, and Stradic. The 8000 size ones. He was using the Stella. The kid has good (expensive) taste. LOL

Steve was using 50# test Power Pro line and an 80# test fluorocarbon leader (5 ft.) .
He linked it all together with a Bimmini Twist and a Double Uni Knot.

Now for the lures. Anything BIG. We started off with a Gibbs Pencil Popper, and a big black popper made in Hawaii called a Reef Ripper. As the week wore on the lure of choice was the Roberts Ranger in chrome. The Ranger is an East Coast bluefish lure. The 2 1/4 and 3 ounce size. Steve replaced the single hook with a 4-0 treble and one of those big heavy split rings. On my next trip, that's the only lure I'm taking.

After landing the 40 pounder, taking pictures, and releasing the fish, Steve hooked into an identical size fish 3 casts later. I made two cast and caught two Omilu (bluefin GT) weighing in at 8 pounds each. The Ahi were busting bait schools a hundred yards away, so we said... 'Why not!' Steve hooked a 40 pound tuna on his first cast. I quit fishing and picked up the camera. We had been fishing for less than an hour. Yes, the fishing is that good.

So here is Steve..... standing on the outrigger of this big canoe, rod bent almost double, line flying off the reel..... you should have the smile on his face.
We only fished together for two days. (I wanted to try bonefish and queen fish on a light fly rod) He ended up catching over 50 GT and Ahi ranging in size from 40 to 80 pounds. Not a bad weeks fishing. He could have landed a lot more if he hadn't removed the hooks from his lure so he could tease the fish in close to the boat, giving his friend a chance to hook them on a fly rod. (that's a whole nother story)

I first started fishing Christmas Island 25 years ago and I really believe the fishing is better today than it was back then.

 Nov 16, 2006; 10:28PM - Christmas Island Adventure
 Category:  Saltwater
 Author Name:  Stan Wright
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: The fishing is better today than it was 25 years ago when we first started going there. They have no kill rules for bonefish and GT now. Catch & release only areas, no fishing areas, and a 5 fish a day limit if you do want to keep some of the other kinds of fish.

The big GT have really made a comeback. The 40 to 80 pounders are everywhere.
If you can't catch one in 10 casts, something is wrong. It was that good. We also caught ahi, wahoo, kawakawa, aku, sweet lips, red trout, and even a sailfish.

The bonefishing was better than ever. Each evening before dinner we would gather on the lanai for pupu's and drinks to plan the next days fishing. Teannaki, the head guide, would ask: 'What kind of fish do you want to catch? How Big?' If you wanted the bonefish over 6 pounds you went to the flats where the big ones are. One guy got an 11 pounder. The water was deeper, you caught less fish, but they were big. I chose the 1 to 2 pound size. Lots of fun on a light 5 wt fly rod.

One day I ask to catch papio. The guide took us to where the rising tide was spilling over a gravel bar. The bluefin and whites were every where. I would cast at a 3 pounder and a 1 pound one would race in and take the fly. Then a school of queen fish would come by and everyone would hook up. Fish jumping all over the place. After an hour of non stop action I had to sit down and rest. I returned to that place 3 times that week.

The best part was the new Villages fishing lodge. It's only been open 6 months and can handle 8 anglers a week. Two to a room. Air conditioning, and lots of hot water. It's located 30 minutes from the airport on the lagoon side of the island on the way to London. The boats..... ( 2 anglers, a guide, and boatman ) the boats pick you up each morning right on the beach at the lodge, and in 5 minutes your at a bonefish flat catching fish.

The food was all 5 Star. We started with a big breakfast. Eggs to order, ham, bacon, French toast, cereal, fresh fruit, juice. Then we made sandwiches for lunch. Water, soda, and beer was in the ice chest on the boat. Dinners were great. Sashimi every night. Usually a choice of a fish or meat dish. Lobster, giant clam, Mantas Shrimp, tako, pork, chicken, and fish. I can't say enough about the food.

Several evenings there was local entertainment, dancers & singing. The people are still friendly as ever.

Sean, at Nervous Water fly shop made all the booking arrangements for us. With tips and bar bill, I still came in under $3000. Not bad for air fare, ground transportation, hotel, all meals, guide & boat every day..... and some great fishing. We're already planning our next trip.

 Dec 17, 2005; 01:26PM - Snook to Sails in Santa’s Bag
 Category:  Saltwater
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Report Description:

REPORT #989. “Below the Border” Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996
Endless Season Update 12/17/05

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

Most of the warm water has been pushed down below Pt. Tasco, down around the finger bank, which is just far enough away from anywhere to be considered no man’s land for most boats. Still reports of very LARGE tuna and plenty of bait balls to keep the marlin fishing interesting.

The action in the esteros continues to produce snook, palometa and a few sierra, corvina as well.

Be sure to read Bob Vanian’s report about his recent trip to Magdalena Bay with Bob Woodward, both from San Diego, at several weeks ago.

Water temperature 68-75
Air temperature 68-73
Humidity 31%
Wind: NW 7 mph
Conditions: Scattered Clouds
Visibility 6 miles
Sunrise 7:04 a.m. MST
Sunset 5:40 p.m. MST
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
Fishing has picked up considerably this week. I do expect it to slow down a bit with the full moon waning, but as of yesterday (Friday) we have really been enjoying the action.

Conventional gear fisherman Ludo Coenen of Belgium, fished with Martin on the panga Isamar the last six days. They caught, tagged, and released 25 sailfish. Their fish were mostly taken at the 25 mile mark, and a 210º heading.

Another Belgian client, Philippe Collin, fished two days with Santiago on the panga Gitana. They tagged and released five sailfish the first day. Thursday (12/15), because several of us have not had much success on roosters locally, Santiago decided to make the 40 mile run to Papanoa with Philippe. It was a long day, but they released six roosterfish averaging 25- to 35-pounds, a 25-pound jack crevalle, and an 8 pound sierra. All the fish were taken on slow trolled live bait.

I guided Baja n the Fly client, Scott Haynes of Cody, Wyoming, for one day with the flyrod on the Vamonos with Captain Cali. Scott had never used a flyrod in his life, yet alone caught a sailfish. The first fish teased to the boat very well, and within minutes Scott had logged two firsts.

I also guided Baja on Fly client Fred Marx on a beach trip yesterday. We hit the beaches up north near Union and Majahua, and south below the airport at Barra Pototsi. We found sardines and birds crashing on every beach. Unfortunately, the larger 14- to 20-pound jacks were not there. We caught a fair number of fish, but nothing of any size. The black skipjack tuna, green jacks, and sierra were all biting well. The Barra had the most fish and the most promising signs that the big jacks should be moving in there shortly.

Ed Kunze, Zihuatanejo

Water temperature 80 - 84
Air temperature 77 - 86
Humidity 66%
Wind WSW 12 mph
Conditions: Mostly Cloudy
Visibility 8 miles
Sunrise 7:09 a.m. CST
Sunset 6:14 p.m. CST
San Jose, Guatemala
Action early in the week was a couple of clicks slow as boats scoured the waters 20 to 40 miles offshore for the mother lode. By mid-week, the herd was found and the action was cooking again. Mr. Wern Blasaditsch and Rodolf Hotter from Germany fishing on the Tranquility, a 31-foot Bertram, had better action each day as the week progressed. Their best day, they raised plenty of sails, releasing double digits all on the fly. Tom Pero, editor of Fish and Fly magazine and professional photographer Walter Hodges fished aboard the Maverick with Sailfish Bay owner Robert Fallon. Since neither had ever fly-fished for billfish before, there was a steep learning curve to deal with. By the end of the week, however, they both had notches on their flyrods for released sailfish; not to mention, plenty of photos and enough stories to impress their friends for some time to come. It will be interesting to see their take on Guatemala Sailfish on the Fly in Fish and Fly magazine some time next year.

Water temperature 78 - 82
Air temperature 80- 84
Humidity 79%
Wind: W 9 mph
Conditions: Clear
Visibility 6 miles
Sunrise 6:19 a.m. CST
Sunset 5:38 p.m. CST

East Cape
It was windy and cool all week with not many boats fishing, but the few that ventured out were rewarded with good action for both dorado and stripers.

Lane Garett reported on his trip yesterday: The day began with rough seas and 15kts of wind out of the northwest, but by 8:30 the seas started to settle down and it turned out to be a beautiful day – no wind and light cloud cover.

Because of all the wind earlier in the week, no one had any live bait to sell. We found fair dorado action in the teasers producing moderate action most of the day. There were also a few striped marlin being spotted up toward Punta Pescadero.

While the wind persisted most of the week thrashing the beach, the determined were rewarded with decent action early in the morning for ladyfish, sierra, pompano , lookdowns, jack crevalle and even a few smaller roosterfish. The best action was from Bartle Beach out to the Punta Arena.

Baja on the Fly

Water temperature 79-84
Air temperature 69-77
Humidity 57%
Wind: NNW 15 mph
Conditions: Scattered Clouds
Visibility 15 miles
Sunrise 6:53 a.m. MST
Sunset 5:36 p.m. MST

1-10 | 11-18

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