14 Dec 2009 - Lake Toho Bass Fishing
 Category:  Florida
 Author Name:  Capt Tim Fey
 Author E-mail:  tim@bassfishingfl.com
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The bass fishing on Lake Toho has been great for us the past week. Wild shiners, artificial plastics and steel shad have been producing not only some good numbers, but some size as well. We have been launching out of the main ramp and making the long run to the south end of the lake.

Some good largemouth action had been coming from Fells Cove.
Working stickups and reeds have been a big key to catching some quality bass. Craws and Gitem KOs have been the main producers as far as the plastics go. Steel Shad and spinner baits have also been very big, especially the steel shad in the open water areas that we have hit. There has been some steady schooling action on the southern end of Lake Toho, which has kept us going back for.

West side of the lake has also been a good area for us, slowing swimming either flukes or flappin shads thru the scattered grasses have produced some good strikes, another good bet was working a one ounce spinner bait thru the reeds and thinned out grasses. For the most part, the bite has been a pretty aggressive hit.