29 Apr 2002 - Lake Cachuma Bass and Trout are biting!
 Category:  California Southern
 Author Name:  Steve Simmons
 Author E-mail:  ssimmons@2catchfish.com
Click here to enlarge Report Description: This weekend I took my son to Lake Cachuma with a friend to try out the new inflatable boat and motor and just to get away for the weekend. We tried some new lures out for my buddy along with a new rod I purchased from him. On our fishing trip we saw deer on the shore of the lake 5 of them to be exact. Within 10 minutes we had caught a bass and just knew the fishing was going to only get better that day and the next. We followed the instructions given us by the guys at the tackle shop down at the lakes marina by the launch ramp. We trolled the center of the lake almost all the way to the very end of the lake where we decided to troll a little closer to shore where the points of land came down to meet the lake. Here we caught 3 rainbow trout and lost several as the hooks did not stick well enough. We saw several boats on the opposite shore fishing bass but stayed clear of them to give them their own spot also. The wind had come up and we realized we had forgot to bring our jackets from the truck. It got a little cold for my son so we decided to get in early and come back the next day for the hot bite we were sure would be there. Unfortunately for us (and possibly the fish) it rained right when we got up in the morning until we left to go home. I really must say that the campground and Lake Cachuma are on the to do list again!!