14 Apr 2002 - Irvine lake tournament
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Click here to enlarge Report Description: I fished with Dennis Bills on Saturday April 13th,2002 in his private boat on Irvine lake. We fished a tournament put on by Ronnie Kovac for Irvine Lake. I had a great time fishing with Dennis as he knows the lake as good as anyone I know of. We managed to catch our limit of the rainbows with none of our fish qualifying for any prizes but still a great day of fishing. I do not know a lot about putting on a contest like this but there was a lot of confusion and mix-ups during this event both at the launch ramp and at the awards ceremony.
I am not a big lake or freshwater fisherman but I did manage to get a few fish during my day with Dennis. I was using a Yo-zuri TJ Spoon in gold/pink 7 grams and casting a lot during the times the fish seemed to be biting. My total for the day was probably 3 rainbow trout 3 bass and one crappie with the Tj Spoon. After several hours of casting I thought to myself it may be better to fish with the bait like Dennis to catch up to his fish count. Dennis had chosen to fish with the bait to get the fish on the boat to make sure there was something to weigh in at the end of the days fishing. Dennis fishes the lake a lot and has Power Bait and many others in every color in the rainbow including rainbow color if I am not mistaken. We also used Crave and live worms with success also. At days end we had caught 14 Rainbow Trout 1 crappie 3 or 4 bass of sorts I am not familiar with as they have breeds of bass in there I do not recognize and bass are a release only fish there.
At days end we ended up with our limit of Trout 10 fish and the one crappie that he tells me is a very good eating fish that his neighbor likes best. All in all my day at Irvine lake was a great day of fishing and I recommend it to anyone. We also tried trolling some of my hi-end lures from Yo-zuri like the emperor minnow and others but there were so many boats and float tubers there that trolling was a difficult task and the area we had left to troll in was very limited and crowded to say the least. I did manage to win a fishing rod in the raffle drawing that they almost would not give me as to get thru the crowd was a task in itself.
Good luck if you get out there and tight lines when you go!!!!!!!!!!