20 May 2003 - 400lb Black Marlin
 Category:  Diego Garcia
 Author Name:  Walter Timberlake & Paul Perella
 Author E-mail:  bigtuna@2catchfish.com
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Hello again from Diego Garcia...todays report is a 400 lb black marlin that my fishing partner, Paul Perella and I caught on April 27th. The day was slow for Diego Garcia standards...5 minutes before we were to head back to the lagoon, the marlin struck a trolled mullet set about 100' behind the boat. The marlin stayed down most of the 2 hour 10 minute fight, jumping twice... at the two hour mark, we dropped the hammer on the fish, locked down the drag and pulled for everything I had...the double hook set was firmly set in her upper jaw and after a 10 minute reviving, the marlin was released and swam away strong...