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The Item is Temporarily out of Stock!
Single backpack portable canoe
Single Seat 10ft 17 lb foldable backpack portable canoe capacity 250 lbs
Single backpack portable canoe
Single Canoe - Model XC1017

Compact, solo canoe designed for paddlers with average build, this lightweight packable craft is smooth on the water. Plenty of room for gear and adventure.

Features and Benefits:
  • Safe, stable, durable
  • Scuff-resistant, waterproof cover
  • Minimal keel-rocker increases tracking
  • Strong yet light extruded polypropylene decks and hulls
  • Reinforced with rotationally molded polyethylene ribs
  • 10 mm extra strength lightweight floorboards
  • Includes seat cushion and collapsible double-bladed paddle
  • Patent-pending nylon fastener for quick assembly
  • 33”T x 20”W x 8”D water-resistant backpack
Boat weight = 17 lbs. (boat, seat, footrest system)
Pack weight = 21 lbs. (boat, seat, paddle and pack)
Length: 10 ft. 2 in.
Width: 31 in.
Cockpit height: 15 in.
Capacity: 250 lbs.

Colors: Camouflage, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald A LIGHTWEIGHT, PACKABLE CRAFT MEANS GREATER ACCESSIBILITY TO THE OUTDOORS BOATS Thousands of years ago the Eskimos made the first kayaks out of whalebone, wood and seal skin, opening up a new world of epic adventure on the seas. Foldlite reinvented this original design using state-of-the-art engineering and technology to create not only a technical marvel, but a whole new generation of recreational watercraft. Foldlite’s performance products are true rigid shell watercraft yet fully collapsible, packable, and extremely lightweight. We use extruded polypropylene in the construction of our modular decks and hulls to ensure a high strength-to-weight ratio and enable a 10 foot craft to carry up to 250 lbs. while weighing less than 20 lbs. (including seats and paddles) and being flexible enough to fit in our specially designed backpack. Amazing. What this means to you is freedom. Gone are expensive roof racks, trailers, and large, gas gobbling vehicles. Our craft can be easily transported and stored anywhere, granting you access to the untamed wilds. Navigate waters less traveled. Claim your sweet spot. Catch and keep if you want. Hunt the wildest game, snap the best photos, or just commune with the bounty of nature. With our watercraft you can create your own epic adventures. FOLDLITE PERFORMANCE CRAFT Engineered by outdoor enthusiasts for hikers, backpackers, and fisherman Modular units allow accessorization and expansion of craft by up to 5 feet Unique adjustable seats and footrests provide comfort All boats come with seats and double bladed paddles Floatability without air bladders or inflated tubing Whitewater capabilities (based on operator skill) Affordable, stable, maneuverable, safe All materials are 100% recyclable
Available Options
Camouflage canoe
Emerald green canoe
Ruby red canoe
Saphire blue canoe

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