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Boating Accessories  |  Nekton Z Wing Planer
The Item is Temporarily out of Stock!
Z-wing Downrigger Lightweight Planer 250
Z-wing the lighweight alternative to lead ball downriggers planer for deep water trolling.
The Science of sub-surface fishing moves closer to perfection with the introduction of the patented Z-WING downrigger system. Operating on the principle of hydrodynamic depression rather than just weight, the Z-WING overcomes the shortcomings of the conventional downrigger systems. Having the ability to troll lures and baits over a wide range of speeds without complicated adjustments to the length of the tow cable has been the dream of downrigger anglers and captains for many years. Now the Z-WING downrigger system has made this dream come true. Over 6 years in the development, the Z-WING's state-of-art design creates significant downward force which overcomes drag, allowing a constant depth to be maintained over a wide range of trolling speeds. Barry Moore, President of Nekton Corp., whose love of fishing and engineering talents, developed the concept of the Z-WING. Barry's many years of experience developing large towing vehicles for underwater research taught him a few things about maintaining depth and lateral location with minimal drag. The Z-WING is a lightweight, 13" x 7" piece of virtually indestructible polypropylene plastic. No more heavy lead balls rolling around the boat or swinging off the end of downrigger booms which can cause damage to both angler and boat alike.

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