13 Nov 2015 - GORDO BANKS PANGAS San Jose del Cabo Anglers – November 8, 2015
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San Jose del Cabo

Anglers –

November 8, 2015

The weather patterns finally are starting to feel like Fall, though daytime
temperatures were still warm reaching up to 90 degree, early morning lows
are about 65 degrees, ideal climate actually. One drawback is that we are
also feeling the north winds in recent days for the first time this season,
up to 20 mph, this has made for choppy conditions on fishing grounds north
of Punta Gorda. Water temperatures are now in the 84 degree range, no
distinct area of a drastic temperature break. Swells have been moderate and
early in the day most days ocean conditions were nice. Crowds are heavy
this week, with the Won Tuna Jackpot Tournament having over 150 teams
participating, this is the season’s final high stakes event.

There continue to be no sardinas available, baitfish supplies now consist
of caballito, squid on most days, also ballyhoo starting to be available,
some charters are looking for chihuil for use as trolling baits. Seems like
during these big tournament events the bait situation becomes more limited,
lots of hoarding going on.

Fleets out of San Jose del Cabo have been concentrating their efforts from
the Gordo Banks to Vinorama, the action that had been productive for
several weeks close off of Punta Gorda slacked up and the grounds towards
Cardon, La Fortuna, Iman and Desteladera started to show more activity.
Yellowfin tuna were being found moving with porpoise and were hitting on
strips of squid, though this action was unpredictable as where and when the
porpoise and in turn the yellowfin, would be encountered, more often late
in the morning. The tuna being caught were mostly in the 40 to 65 lb.
class, no big numbers, but quality grade of fish, some tuna much larger
were also hooked into, but most were eventually lost due to lighter 50 lb.
leaders that were being used to entice the line shy yellowfin.

Dorado and wahoo were also being found on these same grounds, better bite
was first part of the week, before north winds played havoc. Wahoo were
striking best on various baits, such as chihuil, caballito or rigged
ballyhoo, also a percentage hit on trolling lures, sizes ranged up to 54
lb., most fish were in the 15 to 30 lb. range, charters landed as many as
five wahoo per morning, though most anglers were fortunate to land one or
two of these prized sought after gamefish. Finally we are seeing some nicer
sized mature dorado, it has been a long time, still no significant numbers,
but chances of finding two, three, maybe four of these fish, same grounds
as where the wahoo and tuna have been encountered.

Billfishing was mainly for scattered action on sailfish and striped marlin,
some marlin hooked into were unusually small, in the 20 to 30 lb. class,
not often do we such juvenile sized billfish, others were of normal size.

Not much inshore or bottom action now, though we did see some red snapper
action off of the San Luis Bank, closer to shore there were triggerfish,
some yellow snapper, pompano, bonito and barred pargo.

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos
Marina sent out approximately 149 charters for the week, with anglers
reporting a fish count of: 12 striped marlin, 14 sailfish, 185 yellowfin
tuna, 8 sierra, 10 rainbow runners, 18 huachinango (red snapper), 66
dorado, 48 wahoo, 14 pompano, 18 yellow snapper, 75 triggerfish, 12 barred
pargo, 16 white skipjack, 3 surgeonfish, 18 bonito and 5 roosterfish.

Good fishing, Eric

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