30 Jun 2015 - GORDO BANKS PANGAS San Jose del Cabo Anglers – June 21, 2015
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San Jose del Cabo

Anglers –

June 21, 2015

With the summer season now officially upon us we have seen an increase of
crowds, as many school have already ended school semesters are now on
vacation. The latest Tropical Storm, “Carlos” dissipated off of mainland
Mexico and never amounted to anything for Southern Baja, except for raising
the heat and humidity factors, ocean swells barely even were visible and
very few clouds were seen. Sunny days, with highs in the lower 90’s, winds
predominately from the south, out of San Jose del Cabo, ocean conditions
were calm and this is where the water temperatures were up to 80 degrees.
Currents have fluctuated, pushing in cleaner water and then perhaps even
the next day, shifting currents would sweep in off colored greenish water,
this is time of year when we can see these rapidly fluctuating currents,
which can affect how active the fish can be in certain areas on a given day.

Anglers were relying on the bait source found in the marina area, caballito
and moonfish most readily available. Though there were reports of massive
schools of mullet seen along the beaches just on the Pacific side of Cabo
San Lucas, have not seen these mullet in significant numbers for some time.
Just like clockwork the larger sized roosterfish have arrived and are now
patrolling inshore beach stretches, roosters weighing up to 70 lb. were
landed and released this past week. Please remember to catch and release
these prized trophy gamefish whenever possible, as they are not known for
their eating qualities, instead they are sought after for their fighting
quality and for being a true gamefish, being found only in few places of
the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

Striped marlin were the main species found offshore, at times found very
close to shore, striking on trolled lures, as well as on available
baitfish. Main center of action was found offshore of San Jose del Cabo and
Red Hill. A few sailfish now in the mix as well, swordfish were encountered
by sportfishers venturing further offshore, 15 to 30 miles from shore.
There have been reports of some blue marlin strikes that were lost. So
anything could happen on any given day. Nothing much going on for yellowfin
tuna now, though a handful of private charters found yellowfin further
offshore traveling with porpoise, this is the season where we see the tuna
moving with these mammals.

Dorado action was limited, an occasional larger bull being accounted for,
one 37 lb. dorado was brought in La Playita, there were more juvenile sized
schooling dorado found, these fish should be released with care, so that
they can have the chance to mature, reproduce and help maintain healthy
fish stocks.

Wahoo were definitely in the area, but anglers were fortunate to land one,
as they were just not striking very aggressively. Most that were hooked
into were from Palmilla Point and north of Punta Gorda, weighed to over 40
pounds. With more bolito appearing on the local grounds and favorable water
conditions, these fish could go on a big bite anytime.

Panga charters were working inshore reefs and finding some amberjack,
pargo, snapper, bonito, cabrilla and others, most of these fish were
striking on the larger baitfish or on cut bait, a few of the amberjack were
in the 70 pound class. Though last week we saw more numbers of these
amberjack, conditions have fluctuated some, mainly clarity of the water,
this could be a factor of the bite being off, could turn back on at any
time. The roosterfish have been striking fairly consistently, quality sized
fish, not uncommon to hook into a half dozen or more of these fish.

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos
Marina sent out approximately 102 charters for the shortened week, with
anglers reporting a fish count of: 2 sailfish, 13 striped marlin, 44
dorado, 7 wahoo, 3 grouper, 27 amberjack, 13 cabrilla, 5 dogtooth snapper,
9 pargo colorado, 6 sierra, 15 yellow snapper, 7 jack crevalle, 8 bonito
and 88 roosterfish.

Good fishing, Eric

Eric Brictson / Operator
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