25 May 2015 - GORDO BANKS PANGAS San Jose Del Cabo May 23, 2015
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San Jose Del Cabo

May 23, 2015

Now starting the final week of the month of May, weather conditions
continue to be very pleasant, warming days, highs around 85 degrees,
moderate breezes and light swells, all combine to create comfortable ocean
conditions for visiting anglers. Crowds are much lighter than we would
expect for this time frame, many anglers who regularly fish out of the
panga area of Puerto Los Cabos Marina are waiting for rebuilding efforts to
be completed, progress is moving along, though priorities are not aimed
towards repairing the damaged docks, so far crews are only working on all
of the other surrounding infrastructure, people are having to park or be
dropped off out on the far perimeter and carry supplies much longer
distances than pre-Odile days.

There have not been any sardinas available for the past several weeks,
anglers have been relying on what available baitfish that are being found
in the marina area, mainly caballito and some moonfish, also ballyhoo.
Other charters are spending time catching chihuil and some people had
success on strips of giant squid that they purchased ahead of time from
local super markets. Ocean temperatures has been ranging from 74 to 77
degrees and blue water is being found within several miles of shore.

Striped marlin has been the most common species found offshore, straight
offshore of San Jose del Cabo, anywhere from 3 to 15 miles from shore,
concentrations of stripers are being found, free jumping and at times
feeding on balled up bait sources. At times the marlin proved very finicky,
though with persistence anglers were hooking up, many boats accounted for
one or two marlin, while other seen many fish, but could not entice any
strikes, with so much food on the fishing grounds, the marlin would just
not be hungry at times. Only an occasional dorado being encountered, this
is the time where we do expect to start seeing more larger sized dorado
move into the area.

Wahoo were fairly active throughout this past week, most of the time found
near shore, off of Palmilla and north to Cardon and La Fortuna, anglers
using lures and baits were accounted for as many as two or three wahoo in
their combined catches, weights ranged up to 40 lb. Many wahoo could be
seen following baits as they were being trolled slowly, but they would be
shy at actually striking, lighter leaders proved to be an advantage.
Encouraging to have so many wahoo being reportedly sighted, even though the
numbers of fish actually landed have been limited. Something could happen
at any time now to trigger a wide open bite for these fish.

Yellowfin tuna bite was limited to just one or two tuna here or there, many
of these hit of strips of squid, some were hooked on small hoochies and
other on chihuil or caballito, sizes averaged 20 to 40 lb. Lots of
yellowfin in the area, but these fish are just not that eager to strike on
what the anglers are able to offer.

After having some excellent bottom action last week, this week has been a
different story, one factor being the swift current that has been running,
this will put the fish off the bite faster than anything. A handful of
amberjack, cabrilla, yellow snapper and triggerfish were accounted for, no
significant numbers though, with the areas of La Fortuna and Iman being the
best bet for this. If the currents slacks on any given day this action can
produce some quality catches.

Along the shore only a few sierra being encountered, some larger sized
roosterfish are now moving in, we saw roosterfish up to 40 lb. landed and
of course there are jack crevalle in the mix as well. In the coming weeks
we expect increased numbers of larger roosterfish to continue to move
through our area, mid-June is normally the peak season for these prized

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos
Marina sent out approximately 58 charters for the week, with anglers
reporting a fish count of: 30 striped marlin, 14 yellowfin tuna, 27 wahoo,
18 dorado, 15 amberjack, 22 huachinango (red snapper), 15 cabrilla, 22
yellow snapper and 16 bonito.

Good fishing, Eric

Eric Brictson / Operator
619 488-1859
Los Cabos (624) 142-1147