27 Jan 2015 - GORDO BANKS PANGAS San Jose del Cabo January 25, 2015
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San Jose del Cabo
January 25, 2015

Similar patterns this past week, winter weather hard to predict, though the
all-around climate is very pleasant and light crowds are enjoying
themselves, soaking up the available warm sunshine. Winds have been more
predominate again from the north and this has limited what areas the
sportfishing charters could comfortably operate on any given day. Inshore
areas north of Punta Gorda are seeing more greenish colored cooler current
push in from the north, water temperatures are dropping as well, from the
lower 70s up to the 75 degree range. Baits sources are supplying charters
with sardinas, caballito and there are ballyhoo available as well. Lots of
whale activity now being seen on a daily basis.

Anglers found billfish action offshore, a bit hit or miss, but this week
the bite for striped marlin improved offshore of San Jose del Cabo,
anywhere from four to six miles out, many marlin were hooked into while
drift fishing live baits down deep, also trolling on the surface. Dorado
were spread out, more being found closer to shore than further out, these
fish are traveling where their food source is. The majority of the dorado
were small to medium sized, an exception of a handful of fish being over 20
lb. Striking more often on bait than lures.

Yellowfin tuna action picked up, especially in the Inner Gordo Banks, the
wind factor was an issue, too much wind and swift current on certain days
made this option difficult to impossible. Though there were a larger grade
of yellowfin now on these grounds, up to 100 pounds, many in the 30 to 80
lb. class were hooked into, biting best on sardinas rigged on lighter
leader of forty pound test. Some charters had as many as three or four of
these nice tuna, other days we would see maybe one or tuna all together. So
this late season bite was still sporadic, though fairly impressive to even
have a chance at these quality fish at this time of year. Tuna were also
found on the banks such as La Fortuna and Iman, these fish were mostly in
the 15 to 30 lb. range, again hit or miss, depending on the north wind

These same fishing grounds were producing a mix of bottom structure
species, not a lot of large fish, most were under fifteen pounds, though
always a chance of a much larger specimen and all of these fish are the
excellent eating variety. Catches were made on yo-yo jigs, as well as on
whole and cut bait, including pargo, snapper, porgy, island jacks, bonito,
triggerfish, amberjack, cabrilla and parrot fish.

Close to shore the sierra run is now in full swing, once found, these
schooling fish are voracious feeders and the action often can be fast and
furious on these scrappy gamesters that were averaging three to five
pounds. Also a few roosterfish and jacks rounding out inshore catches. Most
of the roosterfish now being found are juvenile sized and should be
released unharmed whenever possible. Early in the morning while panga
charters were waiting for bait suppliers some nice fish have been hooked
into directly outside of the Puerto Los Cabos jetties, including yellow
snapper, cabrilla and amberjack. This was a early bird special and would
happen one day and then maybe not the next, though a few fish in the 20 to
30 lb. class were accounted for.

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos
Marina sent out approximately 68 charters for the week, with anglers
reporting a fish count of: 16 striped marlin, 95 yellowfin tuna, 325
sierra, 15 roosterfish, 72 dorado, 45 bonito, 18 barred pargo, 28 yellow
snapper, 15 island jack, 14 amberjack, 28 cabrilla, 12 porgy, 8 parrotfish
and 32 triggerfish.

Good fishing, Eric

Eric Brictson / Operator
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