28 May 2014 - GORDO BANKS PANGAS San Jose del Cabo May 25, 2014
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 Author Name:  Eric Brictson
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San Jose del Cabo

May 25, 2014

Anglers –

The month of May is always a great time, with an all around climate,
steadily warming days, increasingly tropical feeling and many opportunities
for anglers, from offshore, bottom structure to trolling close to shore.
All this to take advantage of, crowds are now moderate, as people remain
busy, finishing school semesters, graduations, not to mention that this is
a very popular time for marriages.

Perfect time to head south and visit the Los Cabos area, in another month
the weather is much warmer and the humidity rises. Recent daytime highs
have been hovering around 90 degrees, scattered cloud cover, at times quite
tropical, on Thursday we even had some rainfall, did not amount to much,
but this was unseasonable and combined with the gusty winds from the
southwest, resulted in many anglers canceling charters for that morning,
even though by mid morning the front had moved through and the conditions
ended up just fine. Crazy weather patterns this whole year, seems like a
possible El Nino current has been developing, ocean temperature are now in
the 80 to 82 degree range off of San José del Cabo and towards Los Frailes,
even warmer outside near the Cabrillo Seamount.

Bait sources remained as they have been, live moonfish and on some days
limited caballito have been available, along with ballyhoo for rigging. On
the fishing grounds more schools of skipjack and bolito were reported and
this will be another option opening up for anglers targeting larger sized
gamefish. This is also the time we should see migrations of mullet
appearing in local waters. We have heard no good news on any resources of
sardinas being found anywhere in the Southern Baja, will be interesting to
see if we have a fall run for these sardina baitfish.

The steady bite for striped marlin which was within a couple of miles of
the marina channel entrance, slowed way down, this is where the billfish
were feeding on smaller sized squid, apparently this food source must have
moved elsewhere. Now the main action for striped marlin was 15 to18 miles
straight outside of San Jose del Cabo, in the vicinity of the 1150 Spot.
Large concentrations of marlin were found, feeding, tailing, free jumping,
striking more often on baitfish, either slow trolled, or drift, with
sinkers down deep, or fly lining near the surface. Many charters Accounted
for multiple billfish, even four, five or six stripers per day was not
uncommon. Sizes ranged from 80 to 130 pounds. There were quite a few
thrasher sharks on these same grounds, most weighing in the 70 to 150 lb.
range and giving anglers their best workout for their money in battling
these powerful fighters to boat side.

We have heard of the yellowfin tuna action that has developed in the Los
Frailes area, tuna ranging to over 100 pounds were found associated with
porpoise, finicky to bite at times, but consistent trolling has been
producing decent numbers for charters based out of the East Cape. Though
this action is still out of range for San Jose del Cabo charters, we are
hoping this activity shifts towards the south, to our normal San Luis, Iman
and Gordo Banks grounds. This is the time of year when anything could
happen on any given day.

Dorado remain scattered, some days there have been a handful found on the
same marlin grounds and to the north where panga fleets have been working
the various high spots, there have been schooling dorado encountered,
mostly smaller sized. Hard to say what is going on with the dorado, we have
heard reports of larger concentrations found off the East Cape as well,
this can be the typical pattern, then the action moves our direction. Some
anglers found wahoo between San Luis and Vinorama, trolling ballyhoo and
rapalas seem to have taken the majority of strikes, still lucky to get one
of these elusive fish, sizes ranged from 15 to 40 lb. Several wahoo hit on
yo-yo jigs while anglers were drifting over high spots, targeting
amberjack, snapper and grouper, which proved very hit or miss, a handful of
quality specimens were accounted for the anglers that were persistent.

Roosterfish action was found along the coastal inshore stretches, but with
the lack of any concentrations of mullet, this meant that the roosters were
scattered and the action varied from day to day where they could be found,
most of the roosterfish that did strike on trolled baits weighed in the 20
to 40 pound class.

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos
Marina sent out approximately 90 charters for this past week, with anglers
accounting for a fish count of: 7 thrasher shark, 4 yellowfin tuna, 52
striped marlin, 14 wahoo, 2 sailfish,12 amberjack,9 cabrilla, 4 jack
crevalle, 8 sierra, 44 dorado, 2 dogtooth snapper, 75 bonito and 72

Good fishing, Eric

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