22 Mar 2014 - Terrace BC Canada Fishing Report For March 21, 2014
 Category:  Canada
 Author Name:  Noel Gyger
 Author E-mail:  noel@noelgyger.ca
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Weekend Fishing Forecast:

Weather forecast cloudy with some rain
and warmer temperatures. Kalum River is
in good shape. I have a report of good
Steelhead fishing in both the upper and
lower end. This is “PRIME-TIME” for this
beautiful river. Guiding starts April
1st. A few last minute spots are still
open, so don’t miss out. Skeena River is
dropping but still lots of ice. Zymoetz
(Copper) River was brown yesterday;
hopefully it will clean up by the
weekend. Caution: please be careful
walking the edge of these rivers as ice
has formed. Ocean fishing: for Salmon
and Bottom Fish out of Kitimat and
Prince Rupert is good; so is Crabbing
and Prawning. If you would like to book
a river fishing guide or ocean charter
for 2014 Contact me anytime. Good luck
this weekend.

Taking bookings now for: Gitnadoix,
Kwinamass (April & May), Ishkeenickh,
Kincolith, Zymoetz (Copper) class 1 and
class 2 sections, Kalum and Skeena 2
plus all the unclassified rivers on the
Skeena, Nass and coastal. Ocean out of
Kitimat and Prince Rupert. If you are
interested for a guided fishing trip
please contact me anytime.

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