8 Feb 2014 - Terrace BC Canada Fishing Report For February 8, 2014
 Category:  Canada
 Author Name:  Noel Gyger
 Author E-mail:  noel@noelgyger.ca
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Weekend Fishing Forecast:

Weather forecast sunny with extreme cold
temperatures. Maybe as low as minus 10.
Too cold for river fishing…ice fishing
is an option now. The rivers have been
dropping all week and are in excellent
shape. Kalum River is in good shape.
Skeena River is dropping. Zymoetz
(Copper) River is dropping. Caution:
please be careful walking the edge of
these rivers as ice has formed. Ocean
fishing: for Salmon and Bottom Fish out
of Kitimat and Prince Rupert is good; so
is Crabbing and Prawning. Please Contact
me anytime if you would like to book a
fishing guide for 2014. Good luck this
weekend. Good luck this weekend.

Taking bookings now for:

Gitnadoix, Kwinamass (April & May),
Ishkeenickh, Kincolith, Zymoetz (Copper)
class 1 and class 2 sections, Kalum and
Skeena 2 plus all the unclassified
rivers on the Skeena, Nass and coastal.
Ocean out of Kitimat and Prince Rupert.
If you are interested for a guided
fishing trip please contact me anytime.

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