15 Aug 2012 - WEATHER OR NOT!
 Category:  Mexico Cabo San Lucas
 Author Name:  MARK RAYOR
 Author E-mail:  VSEASPORT@AOL.COM
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After enjoying several days of outstanding weather
and a great bite The wind started blowing and turned
everything around. Yesterday about 11AM we
experienced quite a thunder storm with lightening
cracking and a down pour of rain. Our arroyos were
running and we were getting some much needed rain.
I'm sure our local farmers, ranchers and live stock all
have big smiles and are doing a dance.
By nightfall all was calm and we were getting mixed
forecasts. Sometimes it is hard to predict weather in
a tropical environment where there is a potential for
almost anything to happen. I was awakened at about
2 AM to the sound of doors slamming in our home
from strong winds. In a short time the wind stopped
and the rain started to poor. Now it appears we may
get rain all day.
The fishermen we had scheduled for today elected to
pass and give it a go tomorrow. I did see several
resort boats depart this morning.
It was almost on this date one year ago we
experienced similar conditions. On that date the rain
didn't keep our fishermen back. They were rewarded
with a killer day landing tuna and billfish.

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