2 Jun 2002 - Okinawa fun
 Category:  Japan- Okinawa
 Author Name:  Kyle Snider
 Author E-mail:  richard.snider1@kadena.af.mil
Click here to enlarge Report Description: The best Memorial Day I've had was spent doing what I love to do...Fishing!! Went out with local american Chris Pancoast. We were Drift fishing the Piles out of Awase and had a hell of a day. We trolled out of the maribna all the way to the piles, and on the first pass right at the the piles both rods went off. The Wahoo hit a yellow fin colored marauder and the Mahi hit a marlin lure. Throughout the day we caugt fish everytime we trolled and numerous mahi and tunas drift fishing. Lastly, we lost many fish drift fishing live rainbow runners. One was cut in half. All-in-All 12 Mahi and 1 Wahoo, with many Yellowfin and Rainbow Runners.