5 Jan 2010 - Red Devils are back
 Category:  Fly Fishing
 Author Name:  Stan Wright
 Author E-mail:  stanwright@hawaii.rr.com
Click here to enlarge Report Description: On Saturday we had a great day of fishing... nothing in the way of catching to talk about.... but the company, and being out on the water was great. Landed lots of 'fingerlings'. Mostly in the 5 and 6 inch size. Randall refused to let me take his picture with his peacock bass.

Finally started seeing Red Devils. Every time you cast at them they scattered in fright. They were located in huge schools along the north fork.... mostly in brush piles warmed by bright sunshine. Water visibility was 3 or 4 feet and they were usually down 3 feet or deeper. We caught 5 or 6 Red Devils for every 100 we cast at. On Sunday the wind was up and the water temperature down. Clouds made it hard to see the schools of red devils. (we gave up on trying to catch any peacock bass) Water temperature was 75/76 degrees (cold)

As the water warms up the tropical fish should get a lot more active.