14 Mar 2009 - Spawning Red Devils
 Category:  Hawaii
 Author Name:  Stan Wright
 Author E-mail:  stanwright@hawaii.rr.com
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Hawaii's winter weather has been cloudy and cold. (Don't laugh, 68 degrees is cold for us)
Those tropical fish go into hibernation till the water temperature climbs back up over 75. Enjoying a few days of sunshine, we took our 3 and 4 wt fly rods in search of red devils.

The Red Devils were every where. You just cruise the shoreline and spot them in the shallow water right next to the bank. It's easy to see a 3/4 to 1 pound bright red fish. The male fish has a huge hump on it's head and guards it's territory aggressively.

I don't know if the small flashy streamers and nymph flys make it angry or hungry... I'm just glad they bite them.

An added bonus is the bluegill. They like small flys and are also fun on a light flyrod.

Then there are the peacock bass that appear out of nowhere and smash your fly. You get a 2 pound peacock on a 3wt flyrod and you have your hands full.

All this practice on the 'small' fish will have us ready for the 3 to 5 pound peacock bass that will get really aggressive when the water temperature hits 80 degrees. Now that's exciting.