24 Feb 2009 - Spring in Sight - Coastal Georgia Saltwater
 Category:  Georgia
 Author Name:  Capt. Richie Lott
 Author E-mail:  richielott@bellsouth.net
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Turning to Spring in Coastal Georgia

Well, it looks as if the turn of the season is finally in sight. This winter was a REAL winter to the fishermen here on the Georgia Coast and to the lay person alike.. When itís cold, Its cold no matter who you are.

We have had frequent night time temperatures in the 30ís and many below freezing over the past 3 months. I canít actually remember a season this cold since I was a child.

The Impact on the fishing has been dog-gone tough on the inshore fish. The Trout and Redfish in the rivers and backwater areas have nearly come to a halt on their feed aside of the Reds which roam the mud flats on sunny days.
Few anglers can get the Reds on the flats to bite, but there are a few successful anglers that have done really well, but you must know where the fish are. Without local knowledge, finding these flats fish is near impossible.

A few trout are being pulled boatside now and then, but itís just not super productive due to the water temperature in the high 40ís. I wouldnít want to eat either!

There are some whiting finally being caught off the beachside troughs and sloughs along the Georgia Coast. Whiting arenít the most exciting fish to catch, but they make a good meal, but best of all it beats sitting at the house all weekend or at the office all dayÖ. Of course, no offense to those who canít get out of the office!

So, the prescription to fix this is simply warm weatherÖÖ Itís literally right around the corner for all of us here in the southern states. With the turn of that warmer weather will come a variety of game fish very near our beaches. Triple Tail, Blue Fish, Sharks, Jacks, Spanish Mackerel and a few others will soon be moving in for the spring season and which ever day that might be, will not be a day too soon. Weíre ready and waiting.

The cold has not affected the offshore bottom fishing like it has the inshore fishing. Our Red Snapper bite continues like it has been for nearly 5 months. Itís one to be proud of and we most certainly areÖ The comeback has been one like most of us have never witnessed and we only hope it will continue.

As cold as it is, I am going fishing. Two days in the house and I canít take itÖ Good Fishing to all of you!

Capt. Richie Lott