8 Jun 2008 - Costa Rica Fishing Report - Los Suenos Marina - May 2008
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 Author Name:  Jerry 'bubba' Hallstrom
 Author E-mail:  help@costaricafishingreport.com
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May is a transition month for the weather in Costa Rica and the last week in May proved it. The first three weeks of the month started out like April ended. The bite was average with most boats catching a few sailfish, a few mahi mahi and maybe even getting a shot at a marlin or tuna.

But then the rains came and kept almost everyone from fishing the final week of May. The storms pounded the fleet in Quepos sinking a dozen boats. Some of the nicest boats in Quepos were no match for Mother Nature.

Captain Carlos on the “R&J” had a great day with 4 Sailfish, a Stripe Marlin, a Blue Marlin, a Yellowfin Tuna and a Dorado….That’s a super slam in CR I think. Then today they went 3 for 5 on Sailfish and caught a nice Dorado….they were fishing out by the craters.

Captain Bill on the “Sailfish” Caught 2 Sailfish, a Striped Marlin a few Tuna and a Dorado.

Captain Brandon on the “Fish Whistle” caught a Sailfish, a Blue Marlin, a Striped Marlin, a Yellowfin Tuna and three 50 pound Dorados.

Captain Dana on the “Hoos your Daddy” caught a Sailfish, a Blue Marlin, several Yellowfin and a couple Dorado.
Captain Jorge on the “Barrilata” did a half day trip about 15 miles out and caught 4 Dorado…a couple 30 pounds and a couple 20 pounds.

Captain RJ ran the “Tres Amigos” and caught 7 Sailfish and a couple Dorado.
The guys on the “Dream 2″ caught a big big Yellowfin Tuna…rumored over 200 pounds.

Captain Kevin on the “Hoo’s Up” caught 2 Sailfish and 2 Mahi Mahi.

Captain Dave on the “Missbehavin” took Dave the dental patient out for a day in the rain…they did catch a couple sailfish and a few dorado.

June Fish Forecast --

Look for June to be similar to the first 3 weeks of May. It will probably take a week or two for the water to clean up but the guys that do go out will continue to average a few Sailfish, some dorado, some tuna and maybe a marlin if there karma is good.

They boats may need to run farther until the chocolate brown water disappears…look for the bite to past 30 miles.

June Fish of the Month – Dorado, Mahi Mahi, Dolphin fish

Over the next few months there will be lots of Dorado caught on the Pacific coast.

With the rains comes the debris washes out into the ocean. In time this debris acts as cover and attracts game fish.

Dorado from 5 to 75 pounds can be found in and around floating logs, cargo nets and trash lines.

Where there is one Dorado there are usually more. It’s not uncommon to catch a dozen fish if you get into a good bunch. The big ones run in smaller groups usually a big bull Dorado with a couple of lady friends.

Dorado are great fighters and lots of fun to catch. If you’ve never been out fishing or want to fish on a budget now is the time to get out for a half day of Dorado fishing. Grab a few friends and go fishing…prices start at $450 and include drinks and snacks.

The best part of Dorado fishing is having a fish taco night with your fresh caught Mahi Mahi….mmmmm….delicious.

Good Luck and Good Fishing,