1 May 2008 - Costa Rica Fishing Report - Los Suenos Marina - April 2008
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 Author Name:  Jerry 'bubba' Hallstrom
 Author E-mail:  help@costaricafishingreport.com
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April started out as March ended…HOT, HOT, HOT. Everyone was fishing about 30 miles out and they were raising and releasing double digit Sailfish numbers…mixed in with a few Dorado.

Captain Bill on the “Sailfish” went 16 for 22 on Sailfish and had 5 Sailfish and a Dorado hooked up at the same time…a sixer?

Captain Dave on the “Missbehavin” took Lou and his buddy out again today the clients hooked their own fish and they ripped it up going 15 for 30 on Sailfish with a couple big Dorado for dinner.

The second week of April the bite shifted far to the south and guys were running 40-45 miles and crushing it.

The guys on the “Spanish Fly” took a crew from Michigan out and in true “Spanish Fly” fashion released 24 Sailfish and a Marlin.

Bob from Jersey wanted to hook his own fish on the “Fish Whistle”…Captain Brandon did not disappoint. They went south and Bob went 7 for 15 on Sailfish and caught a 50 pound Bull Dorado. Bob admitted that fishing with the circle hooks was something new. It’s hard to undo years of hook setting instinct.

There were one or two slow days around the middle of the month and then bite picked up again but this time just 30 miles out. The bite continued to be good until the very end of the month. The last few days of the month were slow…but the fish are still out there.

Captain Kevin on the “Hoo’s your Daddy” went 8 for 14 on Sailfish about 30 some miles South.

Captain Jeremy on the “R&J” went 7 for 20 on Sails with a couple 30 pound Dorado and a nice Striped Marlin.

Captain Tim on the “Tres Amigos” may have the catch of the week…maybe even month with a 750 plus pound Black Marlin. Tim and the boys were fishing the “26″ when the hawg came tight. They estimated the fish at 17 plus feet. The “26″ area has a history of big Blacks…this is one more for the list.

Captain George on the “Barrilata” went out about 30 miles with Mike and his wife from North Carolina. They caught 2 Sailfish, a “3 foot long” Mahi Mahi and a 300 pound Black Marlin…not bad for some panga guys. Mike said a 20 inch Grouper was the largest fish he has ever caught. Mike was very very happy, showing everyone in the hotel lobby his photos…he admitted that Marlin whooped his ass.

May Fish Forecast --

Look for May will be similar to April. The Sailfish are still around. The boats will run a little farther and fish a little harder and catch fewer fish.

The good news is mixed in with those fewer Sailfish bites will be more Marlin, Tuna and big Dorado.

April Fish of the Month – Sailfish

Public pressure is helping to save the Dolphins and Turtles. We need to use public pressure to help save the Sailfish and Marlin…PLEASE HELP.

1.2 million pounds of Sailfish and Marlin was processed though Costa Rica fish wholesalers in 2006.

Now there is a group in Costa Rica that wants to allow commercial fishing boats to kill more Sailfish and Marlin.

We need people to speak out and send a fax to the President of Costa Rica.

We helped save the Dolphins, we helped save the Turtles and we need to help save the Billfish.

Please take 5 minutes and send a fax encouraging the Costa Rican President to prohibit the commercial fishing of Sailfish and Marlin.

Oscar Arias - President of Costa Rica - personal fax
Fax in Costa Rica # 2253-9078
From the USA #011-506-2253-9078

Fax a letter in today or stop by bubba’s and sign a form letter and I will fax them all in.

Good Luck and Good Fishing,