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From Jan 01, 1999 To Feb 09, 2018
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 Aug 21, 2008; 06:01PM - Cap Spider
 Category:  Hawaii
 Author Name:  Stan Wright
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: If there is a fly that is better than the Rubber Spider for catching bluegill or red devils..... it's a sinking rubber spider. Since red devil don't take a surface lure, I figured I would try the Cap Spider.

Clay and I were testing my new creations today and the results were great.

The Cap Spider I was using was tied on a 1/64 oz. jig head. I tried different color bodies and legs... most everything worked.


The RD were deep because of the rise in water level so the heavy flys worked well. I've since tied some with a bead head, or no weight at all for a really slow sink rate. Works just fine.


Look at the hump on this 1 pound male.... one of the largest I've ever seen.


That's not all they catch. How about this 2 pound catfish?


And there is that little fly, right in the corner of it's mouth.


 Jul 18, 2008; 03:05PM - Peacock Bass Visit Waikiki
 Category:  Hawaii
 Author Name:  Stan Wright
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: The Hilton Hawaiian Village hotel in Waikiki has a beautiful collection of waterfalls and fish ponds. Exotic tropical fish in a rainbow of colors can be seen in the clear shallow water. Here in lies the problem.... there are way to many little fish in the ponds.

The hotel, with a special permit from the state, and working closely with the Hawaii Freshwater Fishing Association..... is stocking peacock bass in their fish ponds. Peacock bass feed almost exclusively on smaller fish so they are hoping to thin out the ponds population.

HFFA club members had great fun catching the peacock bass and transporting them to the HHV fish ponds. Bass fishermen among the guests at the hotel seemed to enjoy the show. 'I didn't know they had peacock bass in Hawaii.' The peacock bass seem to be enjoying their Waikiki vacation.
 Mar 15, 2008; 09:52PM - Hawaii Peacock Bass
 Category:  Hawaii
 Author Name:  Stan Wright
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: We've been seeing a lot of big fish in the 5 to 8 pound range. Two here, two there along the shoreline..... but they just fade off into the deep water as you approach.
The peacock bass should start spawning in the next few weeks. That's exciting fishing.

Caught lots of fish under 1 1/2 pounds, some 2 to 3 pounders, but the larger fish are not really aggressive at the moment. The big peacock bass ignore our lures, flys,... even live bait.

Still, catching 20 to 30 of the 1 to 2 pound peacock bass on light spinning tackle is lots of fun.

 Nov 3, 2007; 05:36PM - Florida bass in Hawaii?
 Category:  Hawaii
 Author Name:  Stan Wright
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: 'Why don't you bring the Florida strain largemouth bass to Hawaii?'

We've been trying to do that for over 35 years. Here is one reason it hasn't happened.....

Some 25 or so years ago while testifying before the Hawaii State Legislature... (yes, until recently the legislature, not the fish and game dept, made all the decisions and fishing laws.) Hawaii was the last state to allow the fish & game department, not the legislature, to make the fishing rules and regulations.

Anyway, the Sierra Club brought in this giant photo... the famous painting 'Florida Bass' by Edward J Bierly. They testified that if Florida Bass were allowed in Hawaii they would eat all of the endangered birds. It made no difference that the 'endangered birds' lived up in the mountains on different islands than where the fish would be. This picture said it all... according to the Sierra Club: 'Florida Bass equals an end to Hawaii's endangered birds.'

And that, boys and girls, is why we still haven't been able to import Florida Bass into Hawaii.

 Oct 26, 2007; 03:35PM - Wild Hawaiian Summer
 Category:  Hawaii
 Author Name:  Stan Wright
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: It's been a wild summer here in Hawaii. The peacock bass are schooling and chasing shad most of the time. Cloud cover seems to be better. Average size fish is 1 to 2 pounds, but a 3 or 4 pounder will slip in take your lure making it real exciting for those ultra light line guys. Even a 2 pound fish on 4# test line is exciting.

Now for those who like big numbers.... Live bait anglers have been going to Morgans Pt. every afternoon and it's not uncommon to catch 50 fish... per rod. We started a tagging program last month and in 2 hours I tagged 50 peacock bass. Five guys fishing and two of us tagging. It was a slow day.
 Aug 22, 2007; 03:20PM - Quality, not quantity
 Category:  Hawaii
 Author Name:  Stan Wright
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: While I was away, Bob was at play.....

Hey Stan,

I hope your trip to Christmas was a very successful one!
Just thought that I'd let you know what's been going on, here in Hawaii.......The fishing has been FANTASTIC! We are slamming fish with an average of 9 to 12lbs!
Here are a couple of pics that are showing a 11.75 and a 12lber! The first pic is of me.... I had the spidey senses going off so I went to the spot and got there at 4p.m. and twenty minutes later I got a 8lber which I released and at 5, I got the 11.75, that I also let go.....can you believe that? then at 5:45 I landed a 6....still swimming too.
Two days later I got the 12 for a young Kid from Washington.....we let that one go too!!!!!
Two days after that, in a two hour period, I got 3 more! A 5, 8 and a 9!
There are actually alot more 10 plus that we got for clients, but I'm babbling,

Bob Tang

 Jun 2, 2007; 03:13PM - Tukes by the Dozen
 Category:  Hawaii
 Author Name:  Stan Wright
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: A trout fisherman from Colorado told me they add up the total length of the 'small' trout they catch. 'I caught 38 inches of trout today'
Well I caught 33 feet, 4 inches of peacock bass in three hours.
( 50 peacock bass x 8 inches each) Check my math!

They were around any brush and log that was along the shore. I also found them in the very shallow water on the muddy points. They were striking any small streamer fly I tossed at them. You just have to fish it FAST. I also caught tiny largemouth and some red devils. I tried lures, and caught a few on the small 2' Pinn's Minnow.... but the fastest action was with small streamer flys.
There were a few larger fish, 2 pounds or so, that chased the fly but wouldn't take it.

Saw lots of larger fish that were just not interested in anything. With the rising water levels I guess any peacock bass that are still spawning were too deep to spot.
Water visibility was 3 or 4 feet.
Picture of one of my 'larger' fish.
 May 6, 2007; 04:47PM - Hawaii Freshwater Report
 Category:  Hawaii
 Author Name:  Stan Wright
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: The water level is dropping and starting to clear. I would guess a foot or two. Made it easier to see all those red devils and peacock bass.
The red devil action started picking up in the afternoon. But all in all they were pretty spooky and not to interested in biting.

Peacock bass were still on the spawning beds. We caught a few of the ones just swimming around. Size ranged from 6 inches to just under 3 pounds. Some of those little ones were schooling and chasing shad. Clay called it a 'Popcorn Bust'.... (all little baby peacock bass and very scattered action.)

A nice relaxing day on the lake.

 Feb 18, 2007; 03:31PM - GT and Oio at Christmas
 Category:  Hawaii
 Author Name:  Stan Wright
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: I just got this letter and Christmas Island pictures from Sugita Munetsugu. He fished CI the first week of February on his way home to Japan from Texas. Now my son is all excited and ready for his CI trip in June.

Hi Stan,
Here is story.
Weather was not good all week and windy.
I caught a 40 pound GT on first day but line was broken by coral but I
caught lots of small GT all week. Big bone make school after full moon so I
tried to catch them on last 3 days.
Average was 6-8 pound include 10 pound and average number of fish I catch
was more than 10 in the morning and quit in afternoon every day.
Some time, Rain get hard so I went back to hotel early or change to GT
fishing from boat.
I almost hook 80 pound GT by drifting boat on edge of reef but finally
caught 60 pound on double hook deceiver. Here are pictures. I hope you like
 Feb 13, 2007; 08:34PM - Letter From Japan
 Category:  Hawaii
 Author Name:  Stan Wright
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Hey! It's Munetsugu Sugita.
How are you and Chris doing?
I finally came back from Christmas Island!
It was nice there. I cought 10 pound Bonefish and 60 pound GT!
Of course catch lot of them!!!!!
Here is the peacock bass picture I cought!

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