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From Jan 01, 1999 To Feb 09, 2018
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 Feb 16, 2006; 08:16PM - Tofino B.C. Spring Steelhead and Chinook Salmon
 Category:  [other]
 Author Name:  Jay Mohl
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: Tofino, B.C. Spring Steelhead and Chinook Salmon

After the continuous storms and extreme wet weather in the Tofino B.C. area on Vancouver Island's west coast, things are looking a lot more like spring time is getting closer.
There is no doubt that the recent moisture and cool weather combined, have been beneficial for the coastal mountains of Vancouver Island. Whether your concern is for Salmon fry survival in the small coastal streams, or for a potential shortage in the water supply for Tofino's busy tourism economy, the healthy looking snow pack is a welcoming site.
A recent day Steelhead fishing on a Vancouver Island river was fantastic all around. The need for sunglasses in February, and releasing bright wild Steelhead has a way of reviving (and drying out) the senses after a long stretch of wet winter. Gear of choice for the day to match clear water conditions was #2 silver Colorado Blade on a long 8 lb. leader, and a #2 purple articulate egg leech fished with a 250 gr. Head with my 7/8 wt. two hander. Most river levels have dropped down to beautiful conditions, allowing for bank and boat access for many anglers, and as most know, February is a prime month for winter Steelhead on most Vancouver Island river systems. The smaller west draining systems along the outer coast of Vancouver Island usually see the main Steelhead runs returning in conjunction with spring time snow melt and run-off, often in mid March through late April. This is always the best opportunity to connect with fresh spring Steelhead on the fly in the Tofino area.
Ironically, this same time is usually the real start of great saltwater fishing opportunities for Halibut and Chinook Salmon on Vancouver Island's west coast. Some local anglers refuse to wait it out for another month, and have been fishing the protected inshore waters of Tofino/Clayoquot Sound for scrappy winter Chinook in the 6-25lb. range. There have been very few windows of opportunity to fish the offshore waters from Tofino, but these great fishing areas will be more and more accessible with each passing week as we escape the winter storm season. This weeks forecast looks to provide some access for offshore fishing for Chinook and Halibut, so check with us at for updates.
The Herring are starting to show up in the traditional inlet areas of Clayoquot Sound, and the Chinook salmon and Halibut will be following this main food source through their spawning cycle.
For great springtime Steelhead, Halibut and Chinook salmon opportunities, check out Vancouver Island's west coast. Consider as your reliable resource for planning your next trip.

Clayoquot Ventures Guide Service
Tofino, B.C.
 Sep 13, 2005; 06:24PM - Christmas Island gets new airline.
 Category:  [other]
 Author Name:  Stan Wright
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Pacific Air will start regular weekly flights to Chistmas Island from Honolulu in September 2005. The 3 hour flight will be on Tuesdays.

The fishing at Christmas Island is still great. We had lots of action and are already planning out next visit.

 Apr 29, 2005; 10:56PM - Van Dzung
 Category:  [other]
 Author Name:  Van Dzung
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: Vietnam hotel & resort reservation, tour & ticket booking, property & car rental...
 Apr 29, 2005; 09:44PM - Van Dzung
 Category:  [other]
 Author Name:  Van Dzung
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: Vietnam hotel & resort reservation, tour & ticket booking, property & car rental...
 Mar 28, 2005; 03:16PM - Van Dzung
 Category:  [other]
 Author Name:  Van Dzung
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: Vietnam hotel & resort reservation, tour & ticket booking, property & car rental...
 Dec 31, 2002; 09:09PM - High & Dry in Costa Rica
 Category:  [other]
 Author Name:  Dave
 Author E-mail:  keenfish
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Just thought these pics were interesting enough to post. This yacht was run aground the day prior to me taking the photogs. As we approached we witnessed 5 commercial panga style boats fleeing the scene with the loot that they had been stripping/salvaging from the wreck. Apparently maritime law allows this to take place legally if the boat is abandoned as this one had been even though this was a fresh accident? They should have left someone with the vessel to keep guard. What a shame!

This was in Costa Rica on the Pacific side way to the North only about 12 miles from the Nicaraguan boarder. The ship ran aground on the Southern most Island of the Bat Island chain (Isla Piedra Negra is the Island just outside Bahia Potrero Grande). I wonder if the owner ever got it off the rocks?? It was 2 days before Thanksgiving of this year 2002.

We continued on up to the 'Bats' and had fantastic action on the Roosters catching and releasing nine 30-40 lb. bruisers in two hours. Lost about another half dozen to the rocks. We were slow trolling live bridled 'Look Downs' for bait and they are really nice hearty baits that swim great in the pattern. They are very shiny putting off a lot of flash when being trolled and the Roosters seem to think they are candy. We were running one off the starboard rigger on the surface and one off of a Z-wing planner off the port corner. Our success rate was pretty close to 50/50 between the two positions with maybe a slight advantage coming from the baits being run on the surface.

The Papagayo winds were absolutely snorting making running offshore not an option this day. That's OK because the Rooster fishing on the inside was as good as it gets!

 Jan 13, 2002; 03:17AM - Imacculate Conception?
 Category:  [other]
 Author Name:  Anon
 Author E-mail:  Anon
Report Description: Saturday January 12, 6:00 AM

U.S. zoo investigates "virgin" shark birth

OMAHA (Reuters) - Unraveling the mysterious "virgin" birth of a bonnethead shark in Nebraska last month should make an "interesting research paper," a zoo director said on Friday.

The trio of female bonnethead sharks living in a tank at Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha "have never been even close to a male bonnethead shark since they arrived as 2 to 3-pound (1 to 1.4 kg) pups," zoo director Lee Simmons said.

There is a male epaulet shark in the same tank, but it is a different species than the bonnethead, which is a smaller version of the hammerhead shark, and would correspond to "a Chihuahua impregnating a Saint Bernard," Simmons said.

DNA tests were begun this week on tissue and blood samples taken from the 3-year-old female bonnetheads and the pup, which died five hours after it was born on Dec. 14 after being bitten by a stingray that lives in the same tank.

Several weeks of testing will be needed to determine which shark was the mother and who might have fathered the pup.

Though sperm can survive inside a shark's reproductive tract for months or even years, asexual reproduction is unheard of in sharks, Simmons said.

"We want to know if there was a father or if there was a weird hybridization of species. It will make a damn interesting research paper," he said.
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