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From Jan 01, 1999 To Feb 09, 2018
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 Nov 5, 2005; 10:29AM - Guatemala Current Conditions
 Category:  Saltwater
 Author Name:  Les Kagel
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: For this week ending 11-05-05 we had a group that went out fishing Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday. The
fishing was out between 40 and 50 miles and each day they had between 5 to 7 bites and released between one
and two sails. For most boats that went out this week they had between 4 to 8 bites and released between 1 to 5 sails on conventional tackle. Most of
the boats that went out this week also reported catching and keeping dorado and a few tuna. The water continues to improve each day from Hurricane Stan. As far as conditions at the Villas del Pacifico Resort and our private houses they are fine,in fact,one would not know there was a flood if not told. In
short,conditions at the port have returned to normal.

 Sep 13, 2005; 05:43PM - New airline to Christmas Isl.
 Category:  Saltwater
 Author Name:  Stan Wright
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: The fishing was great. And starting in September when Pacific Air, out of Fiji, takes over the weekly scheduled flights, it will only take three hours to get there from Honolulu.

Known for fly fishing for bone fish on endless miles of shallow flats, Christmas Island also provided us with excelent action just off shore. Trowling small rapala lures, and jets, we landed yellowfin, aku, ono, baracuda, and GT.
All on spinning tackle. We had fresh fish at every meal.

Drifting the shallow reefs, we landed variety of colorful fish. They attacked flys trailing behind a clear bobber, gold and silver spoons, topwater lures, jerk baits, and soft plastics. Wild action on spinning and baitcasting tackle ranging from 2# test line up to 20# test. Next trip we take som spinners loaded with 60# test braided line for those LARGER G.T.we encountered and just couldn't handle.

Chris got the 2 biggest ulua (GT weighing 33 pound) on a large surface lure and 20# test line.
He was really excited about the 8# omilu (bluefin trevalle) he caught with his 12# test spinning outfit.

I must also say, the fly fishing for bone fish was excelent. Not really big bones (4# was our largest) but there were thousands of them.

Yes Virginia, Christmas Island isn't just for bone fishermen any more.

 May 22, 2005; 08:29PM - Guatemala Current Conditions 5-22-05
 Category:  Saltwater
 Author Name:  The Great Sailfishing Company
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: This week brought a lot of rain to the Pacific Coast but no real strong winds or seas because topical storm Adrian was to far south. For those that ventured out Dorado's were in great supply with Fernados Aguilar's 35ft.Cabo landing 123. There were also several boats that had several marlin bites. This coming month of June is Guatemala's rainest month but is the month that usually brings the anlger lots of Dorado and marlin along with those sails.For a up to date report please contact us directly in Guatemala at 011-502-7832-1991
 May 12, 2005; 07:13AM - Guatemala trip reports
 Category:  Saltwater
 Author Name:  Les Kagel
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: Fishing Report 2004-2005 Season
APRIL 2005

Guatemala’s best sailfish Sportfishing vacations

Most of the 2004-2005 bill fishing season is over and below are the results. Compared to other years, this last fishing season saw an increase in families sail fishing with us as well as an increase in anglers from Europe. This year we are adding a new twist to our fishing reports…the numbers is parenthesis (1-2-3) represent the following: (1.released fish, that took the bait, 3. raised fish). We wish to thank all our customers that came to Guatemala; thanks to you The Great Sailfishing Company had a great year. Thank you and tight lines.


Mr. Michael Dryer and friends.
• 3rd. Bora Bora: (1 released, 3 bites, 3 raised) sails and a 250lb marlin.

Mr. Patrick Moncamp and friends.

Patrick and friends visited us from France.
• 3rd. Stragos: (5 released, 9 bites, 12 raised) sails and two 25lb+ dorado on the fly.
• 4th. Stragos: (4 released, 9 bites, 17 raised) sails and 5 small dorado on the fly.
• 5th. Stragos: (4 released, 8 bites, 14 raised) sails and three 20lb+ dorado on the fly.
• 6th. Stragos: (0 released, 1 bite, 2 raised) sails.
• 7th. Stragos: (1 released, 1 bite, 1 raised) sails and 11 dorado of various sizes on the fly.

Mr. Kevin Styles
• 7th. Piragua: (2 released, 2 bites, 3 raised) sails.
• 8th. Piragua: (10 released, 12 bites, 15 raised) sails.
• 10th. Piragua: (12 released, 15 bites, 20 raised) sails, three 12lb+ dorado and one 450lb marlin. After a couple of bites on the fly, the group decided to fish conventionally.
• 11th. Piragua: (10 released, 14 bites, 18 raised) sails.

Mr. Lindell
• 7th. Bora Bora: (1 released, 2 bites, 3 raised) sails on the fly.
• 8th. Stragos: (11 released, 16 bites, 19 raised) sails and four (two 25lb+, two 40lb+) dorado on the fly.

Mr. Bob Giles
• 7th. Tranquility: (1 released, 2 bites) sails on the fly.
• 8th. Tranquility: (7 released, 12 bites) sails and 7 dorado (2 of them 40lb+) on the fly.
• 9th. Tranquility: (2 released, 6 bites) on the fly.

Mr. Waters, son in-law and friends
• 14th. Stragos: (9 released, 13 bites, 14 raised) sails, 9 tuna of various sizes and two 20lb+ dorado.

• 16th. Gimena (27 foot Grady-White): (2 released, 4 bites, 6 raised) sails, six 10lb+ dorado and 1 small tuna.

Lic. José Javier Peña & family.
• 17th. Stragos: (7 released, 14 bites, 18 raised) sails, one 15lb+ dorado and 3 medium sized yellow fin tuna.

Mrs. Kathy Arth
22nd. Bora Bora: (17 released, 25 bites, 32 raised) sails.

Mr. Michael Spencer
23rd. Bora Bora: (18 released, 38 bites, 44 raised) sails.

Mr. Richard Canaday
24th. Bora Bora: (16 released, 35 bites , 45 raised) sails.

Mr. Mike Basquez & son.
26th. Tranquility: (2 released, 10 bites) sails.
27th. Tranquility: (5 released, 6 bites), ten 8 to 10lb dorado and 2 tuna.
28th. Tranquility: (3 released, 5 bites) sails.
29th. Tranquility (4 released, 9 bites) sails

 Feb 1, 2005; 08:51AM - Guatemala Sizzles, Others Struggle
 Category:  Saltwater
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Report Description:
For additional information:
USA toll-free (800) 919-2252 or 760/746-7260; Mexico 011-52-624-14-10373
East Cape
Yvonne and Gary will attend the International Sportsmen’s Expo in San Mateo, CA, February 3-6. If you are attending the show, don’t miss Gary’s presentations on –
Friday, 5:30 Baja on the Fly Techniques You Can Use
A few sierra inshore and from the beach can be found on the calm days, usually at gray light before the wind cranks up. Wind . . . rain . . . more wind seemed to be the name of that tune most of the week. Hopefully, this week will be better.
Water temperature 70-74
Air temperature 66-69
Humidity 43%
Wind: NNW 17 mph
Conditions: Scattered Clouds
Visibility 10 miles
Sunrise 7:00 a.m. MST
Sunset 6:03 p.m. MST

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico
Squirrelly weather including some rain kept most of the fleet close to home. Only fair fishing reported at the entrada on the good days. A few small yellows and grouper were the best anyone could come up with. The esteros above Lopez Mateos produced fair action for small sierra and a few grouper. The locals continue preparations for the upcoming annual celebration of the whales, “Festival Ballena Gris,” Feb. 12.

Water temperature 69-75
Air temperature 64-71
Humidity 25%
Wind: North 2 mph
Conditions: Clear
Visibility 3 miles
Sunrise 7:10 a.m. MST
Sunset 6:08 p.m. MST
Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The blue water is just off the beach, but earlier in the week the full moon had put a bit of a brake on the good action we had been having. However, yesterday (Friday), the fishing picked up again with the boats averaging a couple of sailfish each per day, plus a very good showing of 20 to 35 pound dorado.

Frustrated by only raising 3 or 4 sailfish a day earlier in the week, client Rich Pietila of Odessa, Texas asked Martin on the panga Isamar to go 40 miles and see if they could get some action on the yellowfin tuna. They did not find any tuna, but on the way back they saw a lot of sailfish at the 30 mile mark. Using only hookless lures, as we do when fly fishing, they would tease the fish to the boat, but dropped back with a live bait on a 30 pound rig. They tagged and released 6 in a very short time. The next day they targeted this group of new fish, and what a day they had. With more than 30 fish raising to the spread, they tagged and released 12.

The roosterfish are still very slow and will probably not pick up again until July. Inshore, the small game fishing is decent and we are even getting quite a few chulas. A chula (kawa kawa) is a small tuna, with teeth.

Baja on the Fly report by Ed Kunze

Water temperature 80 - 84
Air temperature 75 - 86
Humidity 70%
Wind: 12 mph from the West
Conditions: Scattered Clouds
Visibility 10 miles
Sunrise 7:18 a.m. CST
Sunset 6:39 p.m. CST

San Jose, Guatemala
The weather has again been excellent, the fishing has been in as close as 10 miles, and as far as 25 on some boats that ranged out a bit. I only received stats for one day this week, but in that one day, 8 boats were out using conventional gear, and had 197 hooked sailfish and managed to release 148 of those for an average of 19 releases per boat on conventional gear. Two of the 10 boats out were on the fly and got hooks in 22 sails and managed to release 14 of them at the boat. Marlin also made a strong showing with three blues released. It’s not a bad day when 37% of the fleet releases 300-450 pound-class marlin on 30-50 pound gear. Dorado were also around and being brought in with the largest going 40 pounds. Inshore, there continues to be consistent action on roosters when we have had our crews out practicing their teasing skills on roosters and jacks, their just have not been any clients taking advantage. Water clarity is great, and most of the action is taking place in the blue water.

San Jose, Guatemala report by Brian Barragy and Lissa McFarlin
Water temperature 72 - 82
Air temperature 78 - 80
Humidity 94%
Wind: NE 8 mph
Conditions: Clear
Visibility 6 miles
Sunrise 6:31 a.m. CST
Sunset 6:01 p.m. CST

For additional information:
USA toll-free (800) 919-2252 or 760/746-7260; Mexico 011-52-624-14-10373

 Sep 5, 2003; 04:21PM - Guatemala August 2003
 Category:  Saltwater
 Author Name:  The Great Sailfishing Company
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: On the 28th of August, Larry and Tony Crosby along with their lifelong friend James Williamson of New York City came down to Guatemala for their second fishing trip. They stayed at the Villas del Pacífico Resort in one, one bedroom mini suite with kitchen, and one single room. They really liked the resort and explained that they all enjoyed going to the weekend disco and floorshow.

August 29th. They boarded the La Piragua (31’ Bertram) at about 7:00 A.M. at the new Pez Vela Marina. All of our boats leave from the new marina assuring a safe and uneventful passage to the Pacific. The other passage that some operators use is the old inlet, this is very dangerous with several accidents happening every year. Sometimes boats need to wait up to 30 minutes for the right set of waves before getting out to the Pacific. Because of the storms in Mexico causing a lot of green water, the La Piragua needed to go 50 miles before reaching blue water. The fishing was slow; however, they did catch and release two nice sized sails and brought back one Dorado. They also caught one Yellow-fin tuna that the crew made into a huge bowl of ceviche, which they really enjoyed. After returning to the hotel, getting refreshed and partaking of the large buffet they had drinks at the bar while enjoying a round of pool.

August 30th. On this day the La Piragua was set for a day of inshore fishing. The day produced five roosterfish, six Spanish mackerel and several Jacks. They retired early after another grand meal at the Villas del Pacifico’s buffet.

On the 31st we all took a nice leisurely drive to the Spanish Colonial city of Antigua Guatemala, going from sea level to 5300ft in about an hour. On the way we passed by sugarcane fields near the coast, shade grown coffee plants in the mountains and by the base of three volcanoes. Once in Antigua sightseeing and shopping were in order along cobble stone covered street. The night was spent at Casa Santo Domingo, the premier hotel in Antigua Guatemala. It was a convent, dating back to 1547, which was converted into what is arguably the most beautiful hotel in the city.

September 1st. We could tell Casa Santo Domingo had worked its magic (candles and old-fashioned lamps, statues of saints and other Spanish Colonial relics, bird of paradise plants, fountains, etc.) last night. We drove among the mountains from Antigua to Guatemala City in about an hour, taking one of the Crosby brothers to the airport. Afterwards, some sightseeing along the streets and avenues of the city was done before checking in at the Guatemala City Intercontinental Hotel, the premier hotel in the city. We said goodbye to our new friends then and wished them a safe trip back the next day.

 Mar 17, 2003; 02:56PM - Venice Louisiana Report
 Category:  Saltwater
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Been putting a hurt on the amberjacks and grouper on the slow tuna days avergaing and easy limit of jacks and at least one large warsaw from 30-60 pounds as well as a few scamps and yellowedge groupers....the 70 degree bluewater has moved in but fishing is surprisingly slow for trolling. Last year during this same time we were hammering the wahoo. Only caught 2 last week along with a 8 twenty pound blackfin tuna in open water.

The big story of the week was the 400 pound mako we released....not intentionally...It was the highlight of Thursday after spotting a dark blue and black fin among the busting tuna. The hookup and fight went smooth since we had a bonita on wire in the box and the 'mako rod' in the ready in the rack. My angler Houston from O'Conner Oil and Gas in Lafayette did a great job all by himself with a potential record fish on the line. He hung in for 1 and 45 minute doing a great job...the fish made 5 jumps at various times and came to the transom 3 times before running off 100 yards of line...we got great pictures of the of the fish on Tim and Jon O'Conner's digital (will post on my home page photo sight when I get them)...Just to tell you how unpredicatble these guys are is a whole separate story. The one we green gaffed a few weeks ago was tame compared to this one...

Had rehearsed the process before attempting anything and had a 22 caliber with hollow points on the ready. Decided to let the deckhand Sonny do the honors while I manuevered. He precisely planted the 8' flyer deep into the back (a perfiect shot) and the fish went nuts spinning and thrashing behind the boat 4 feet from the cockpit. Somehow the 100# mainline and 250# windon broke in the calamity. I decided to leave the controls to help out Sonny with the rope. I was able to get him closer to the boat but for every foot I would gain he would get a little deeper until he turned and made a run under the boat. I asked the closest bystander to the controls to put the boat in gear and he hit the throttles by the time I ran back to the controls to get in gear the rope holding the gaff to the cleat came undone yanking Sonny clean out of the cockpit and into the water. Fortunately Sonny cam up rattled and clear of the running gear a little rattled and without boots...not a perfect catch and release but a catch and release!

As we were discussing what we learned I was thankful that we always keep a knife in a utility belt at all time we will be sure to do the cleating ourselves...and for sure check it before the gaff had turned out that the loop end of the flying gaff rope had been hurriedly looped around the cleat instaed of secured...the slack in the line pulled the loop free and when the boat went into gear the fish took the whole line and Sonny with it.

Paradise Outfitters...504-451-7579

 Apr 18, 2002; 07:00AM - Squid downunder
 Category:  Saltwater
 Author Name:  Amity Bungalows
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Squid jigs are essential to catch the schools of squid as they journey through the Rainbow Channel. A lovely feed of fresh calamari from this lot caught from the private jetty at Amity Bungalows, which is just one hour from Brisbane. Not hard to catch, just dangle the jig in front of them and bang they go for it, careful not to get inked as you pull them in though as we found out, they stain your clothes.
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