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From Jan 01, 1999 To Feb 09, 2018
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 Apr 8, 2007; 09:13AM - Butler Chain
 Category:  Florida
 Author Name:  Capt Tim Fey
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: This past week has been yet another very busy week, with some very good and solid bass being caught on everything from live bait to artificial lures. With the bass spawn all but over, bass have moved for the most part away from shallow waters and have staged more towards deeper waters, close to drop offs. There has on some days been some very good schooling activity going on, some days the schooling bass will just hammer the live bait, while other days they seem to prefer t-rigged worms with a small screw in bullet weight.

Monday started the week off with Ken and Chris hitting Butler Chain with some live bait action. Lake Butler and Lake Chase were the definite lakes for the best bass action as these two guys caught some good quality bass with some very aggressive hits as the bass were doing some good schooling action in the cuts. The better quality bass where caught just off the grass bed edges with Chris getting the big bass of the day just shy of 5 pounds.

Kurt fished on Wednesday working nothing but artificial bait. With a high sun and no cloud cover to speak of, we spent a lot of time pounding grass beds, Kurts first hook up was on Lake Butler, using a High Roller PopRoller in Blue Shad color. From there it was a lot of slow worming using purple and black Christmas colored worms, with one other bass coming on a Yozuri Rattlin Vibe.

Some bass are still being caught in less than 3 foot of water, but main areas of focus have been in the 4 to 6 foot range with deep water drop offs close by. Rob from came down to fish Thursday with his brother and father to catch some Florida bass and the blue bird skies and minimal breeze did make things pretty tough on the guys, but being very persistent the guys did manage some good bass, with the two biggest looking like twins, one weighing in at 4.14 and the other coming in at 4.13 pounds on the digital scale.

Friday saw Sam and his son out on Butler Chain, this youngster was very impressive with his casting skills, working bait casters like a true pro, starting the day out catching the first bass in the first 10 minutes working a spinner bait thru the grass beds on Lake Butler before switching up to the worms and catching several more. Sam kinda hung out on the back of the boat and had a blast watching his son fish, and even had his son coaching him on where to toss his lures, with his dad getting a good bass on a rattlin vibe out of the deep waters on Butler. Weather was better today, with what should be our last cold front. Very minimal schooling activity was seen on the lakes that we fished today, but it’s only a matter of time before the waters start to really heat up with what will be a great top water bite.

Saturday I ended the week with Alan and his son out on Butler Chain for a 6 hour live bait trip. Alan is a local guy that wanted to hit Butler as he said he had little luck out there. We started out the day VERY cold for this time of year, water temps were down to 71 to start the day, with strong and cold winds. This was the perfect day for lock jaw, and the bass were very tough to catch as expected. Starting out on Butler and working grass line and thru the cut, Alan missed a few hook up, with his son landing 2 nice bass and having a beauty come unbuttoned as she danced on the water. From there we moved over into Lake Chase, I did spot some schooling action but no takers as we slow trolled along the grass beds, when Alan tossed his bait out, the second it hit the water it was hammered and the fight was on, with Alan landing a beauty of a bass coming in at 6.3 pounds on the digital scale. Happy Birthday Alan!!

In all the week saw some very good and solid bass being caught, with this front that is moving thru right now, water should hold to the mid 70’s for the better part of the week and that should help kick in some good top water action. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Easter.
Till my next report, tight lines and great fishing!

 Apr 1, 2007; 08:05PM - Butler Chain
 Category:  Florida
 Author Name:  Capt Tim Fey
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: This past week on Butler Chain had its ups and downs. Monday and Tuesday saw some good top water action on Lake Butler. During the early morning we saw a good amount of schooling action. Tuesday turned out to be the best day with bass being caught on High Roller ChugRollers in Fire Tiger. Big bass for the day came in at a solid 3.8 pounds, and just slammed the ChugRoller.

Wednesday I had the great pleasure of having Kathy Barker from ProBass Networks out on Butler Chain. Kathy surprised me thou, when we met at McDonalds she had Skip Collins from High Roller Lures there with her. What I thought was going to be a great top water action day on Butler, was anything but that.

The bass did not want to play fairly, as we did see some schooling action going on, but they avoided any and all top water lures thrown at them, Skip did manage 2 bass on his secret lure, while Kathy caught two more bass, with her landing the big bass for the day and the bragging rights. Only 5 bass made it to the boat, as the blue bird skies seemed to have just shut down the artificial bite.

Thursday I had the McClain duo, husband and wife out on Butler. We started out with Margarita working live bait, and Carl with top water baits. There was very limited schooling action once again, but Carl was very determined to nail a nice bass on top water. He started out with an Original High Roller, but then switched to a ChugRoller. A very solid bass, in the 4 pound class came up to slam the bait. Carl said he felt her hit the lure so he set the hook, but she was gone. That, unfortunately was the end of the top water action for the day. Margarita continued to work the live bait, missing her first bass as it chased the shiner to the surface. She got too excited and the hook up was missed. After a few coaching words, Margarita didn’t miss another bass. We actually had to keep an eye on her, as she never said a word, we only knew she had one on when we heard the drag. Her big fish of the day came in at 5.1 pounds.

Mean while Carl was tossing around a Gitem Shad in watermelon red, with a small screw-in bullet weight. Flipping to grass bed edges, Carl managed some good quality bass, with his big bass of the day coming in at 5.2 pounds on the digital scale. These 2 had a great time on the water catching as Carl said “some good quality bass.”

Saturday we ended the week with my son wanting to head out to Butler and do some relaxing fishing using live bait. We hit Lake Butler and right off the bat he had the first bass of the day in less than 5 minutes of us being on the water. We pretty much just slowed trolled the live shiners around the grass beds with deeper water drop offs close by. My son landing 5 good solid bass caught within 2 ˝ hours on live bait. A quick switch to a Fat A and he missed what looked to be close to a 4 pounder right by the boat. When he decided he was more than happy with his catch for the day, we headed back in.
Till my next report, tight lines and great fishing!

 Mar 25, 2007; 08:53AM - Butler Chain
 Category:  Florida
 Author Name:  Capt Tim Fey
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: The past 2 weeks has seen some very good fishing action on Butler Chain, as well as a few days of some tough fishing. With a couple days of what was basically blue bird skies, made for a lot of moving around in order to catch some good quality bass. Days with the blue bird skies had us working deeper waters with live bait, fishing waters 10 to 20 feet deep in order to get good catches. The day before what is supposed to be our last cold front rolled thru, we had some great overcast skies, and that triggered some of the best top water action of the year so far. Lakes Butler and Louise were the top lakes when it came to the schooling action, and the High Roller Lures were getting creamed with 16 bass making it into the boat in 4 hours using the 4.25 High Roller in Perch and the 3.25 Rip Roller Florida Special doing all the catching, with bass weighing in from 2 to 3 ˝ pounds.

Weekend saw the front roll thru and the bite did slow down pretty good, but with patience and persistence, the bass still did bite, with the bite very slow to start the day and picking up as the day warmed. As the Bligh brothers saw, Butler Chain has some good fishing action, as they spent 2 good days on the water catching some good bass, with Dennis landing the big bass coming in at 5.01 pounds and getting bragging rights between the three of them.

The soft plastics bite has been doing good, most of our catches have been coming using the Gitem Warlocks in June Bug and the Gitem Shads in Watermellon Red Shad, both with small pegged bullet weights and worked slowly. Spinner baits and Yozuri Rattlin Vibes have also produced some quality bass to 4 pounds in and around grass beds and eel grass, as well as scattered lily pads, areas of heavy lily pads have been best worked with the shads or warlocks real slow, almost dead sticked.

We ended the week with Shawn working artificial baits working Lake Butler and Lake Chase. Gitem Curly 10’s in Red Shad were the ticket to catching bass, although the numbers and size were down, as we experienced what seemed to be 3 different weather patterns. The day started out picture perfect with a slight breeze and heavy clouds, which fast turned into blue bird skies and no breeze to speak of. Catching a few here and there and missing several good bass as they came unbuttoned deep in the grass beds, and then the final weather change hit, stronger winds, all three weather patterns seemed to hit within 3 hours and definitely turned the bass of to hitting. Bites most of the day were very light, and you had to let them have the baits in order to land the catch. Grass bed edges or deep into the grass beds was the way to get them.
Till my next report,
Tight lines and great fishing!
Capt Tim Fey
 Mar 12, 2007; 07:44PM - Butler Chain
 Category:  Florida
 Author Name:  Capt Tim Fey
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Week Ending March 11th
The past week I spent 6 days out on the Butler Chain with clients on a mix of trips again, some artificial and some live bait. First part of the week saw a very tough bite, even with live bait, as the bass were just mouthing the shiners and barely holding onto them. Sizing down on the shiners from Large to Mediums made the catch much better for the clients.
Shiners were all slow trolled in various depths of water, ranging from 4 foot to 22 feet deep, with numbers coming in the 4 to 8 foot depths, and size coming from waters 12 to 20 feet deep.

The artificial bite was fairly good for the most part, with the majority of the bass being caught on Gitem Shad, Gitem K.Os and Gitem Warlocks, dominate color being black with red flake and working baits very slowly with a 1/8th ounce screw in bullet weight.
Again working shallow waters, tossing baits all the way to shoreline, very tight to grass beds, and right up against the cypress trees in order to catch bass. Most bites were very light, so watching your line was very important. There was no spinner bait bite or even a rattle trap bite to speak of for most of the week. Several good bass were spotted cruising around the beds on several lakes, but for the most part, the beds were empty. Water temperatures were running 68 in the mornings and warming to as high as 72 by the end of the day. Look out, top water action is just around the corner.
Till my next report, tight lines and great fishing!
Capt Tim Fey
 Mar 2, 2007; 01:00PM - Butler Chain
 Category:  Florida
 Author Name:  Capt Tim Fey
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: The last 2 weeks saw us on Butler Chain for 12 days with a mix of trips, a few trips with live bait and a few with all artificial trips. Start of the week saw for some very tough bite as the water temps had an almost 8 degree drop, which really had the bass on a serious case of lock jaw. Gitem Shads with a small bullet weight worked in and along grass beds worked very slow, and I stress VERY slow in order to get the bites.

Mid week saw the bite pick up as the water temps started reaching the upper 60’s and bass started heading to the beds, with several bass in the 5 and 6 pound class being caught in and around the beds. Once again it was Gitem Shads and 10 inch black neon worms getting the bass to bite with an occasional bass being caught on all white spinner baits.

The shiner bite is still going strong on several lakes on the chain, with a few lakes actually having a drop off with the live bait bite. Two very memorable trips involved two youngsters, first was Edward fishing with his father, we had spotted a buck on a bed, and decided to give Edward a crack at catching this bass, with 4 flips of the shiner to the bass, she would not touch it, so the 5th try, the buck had knocked the shiner off the bed, and at that moment, the female came flying out of the grasses and nailed the shiner and the fight was on. Edward had worked this bass perfect and landed a beautiful 5.4 pound bass.

The second was with 7 year old Nick and his dad Greg. Greg had a bass boil up on his bait twice, but she would not commit to it, when Nick got his bait up there, and in a split second, this bass hit his shiner like a freight train. Nick set the hook and the bass headed straight into the grasses and with a little effort, Nick got her out of the grass, and off to the docks she went, after a brief battle, Nick had a beautiful bass, 22 inches long with a 15 inch girth, weighing in at 6.05 pounds, perfect enough to get his Youth Angler Certification from the State of Florida.

With the weather holding steady, and a consistent air temp, the waters have been warming up slowly, which will mean one thing, bass will be really hitting the beds and the bigger gals will start being caught. Several lakes on the Butler Chain are loaded with beds, most have been empty the last few weeks, so they should be showing up any day now. One consistent pattern has been, even though the bass were not on the beds, they have been holding up very close to them with the bucks right there.
Web site has been updated with all new pictures in the Photo Gallery and new video links on the main page, along with new testimonials.
Till my next report, tight lines and great fishing!
Capt Tim Fey
 Feb 26, 2007; 04:36PM - Johns Lake
 Category:  Florida
 Author Name:  Capt Tim Fey
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Last week I had trips on Johns Lake on the 22nd and 23rd, both days started out the same way, with some good schooling action first thing in the morning in the Deer Island cut and limited schooling action in the Horse Shoe area. Once the schooling activity passed, it was a lot of moving around and working grass beds and lily pads to catch the bass the rest of the day. Shiners of course were the top producer with bass up to 7 pounds being caught. Artificial baits that had produced were spinner baits, senko type baits and rattle traps. Winds both days had dictated how the bite was going to be, and it was a very light bite, with the spinner baits having to be slow rolled and soft plastics worked very slowly with a small bullet weight pegged, to help the bait with a slow fall rate, most hits came on that slow fall and were all in 5 to 8 foot of water.
 Feb 19, 2007; 11:10AM - Mosquito Lagoon Report
 Category:  Florida
 Author Name:  Capt. Chris Myers
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: This week ended with some of the coldest weather we have experienced so far this year and before the cold came some of the highest winds of the year. The weather made for some tough fishing conditions but we did catch a few quality fish and did not get shut out during four days of fishing.

Monday brought mild temperatures but we faced clouds and rain as I fished with Bob Caruso from Connecticut. Our first stop brought is to a school of about 100 redfish from 15-30 pounds in two feet of crystal clear water. We spent several hours fishing this school trying to get Bob two fish but they were not in the mood to eat. Bob did land one nice fish from this school, however, a 38' fish weighing over 20 pounds.At our next stop, we were greeted by a school of several hundred black drum and a few large reds. Bob hooked and landed two black drum using a circle hooked shrimp. To end the day, we poled some extremely shallow water looking for a big  trout. Despite the cloud cover, we did spot a few nice trout along with some tailing redfish. Although none of the trout found their way onto the hook, we were happy having seen hundreds of trophy
fish throughout the day.

Tuesday, I fished with Ken Van Every from Michigan. The nicest weather day of the week brought us a slick calm morning and a school of big redfish. Despite the seemingly perfect conditions, the reds were not interested in eating anything we had to offer. While it is always fun to watch a school of big reds in shallow water, it would have brought a bit more excitement if we had caught one. After a couple hours, we gave up on those fish and went searching for some others. Our next stop held more large reds that were just as reluctant to feed as the first group. After much effort, Ken was able to land a respectable redfish, his first fish of 2007.Again, we went searching the shallows for trout. We only saw a few but Ken managed to fool another redfish using a 4' DOA CAL tail in Arkansas glow.

By Wednesday, the weather began to take a turn for the worse, I fished the next two days with Waite from Washington State. An accomplished fisherman, Waite wanted to fish redfish on ultralight tackle. Wednesday morning, we found a flat holding dozens of schools of redfish in very shallow water. Waite had a few bites on a 3' CAL tail but no hookups. Once the fish realized we were on their flat, they never let us get close to them again. By 10am, the
winds were pushing twenty knots forcing us to search for shelter against the shoreline. With the low water, however, we were unable to get close to the shore. With only one trout to show, we left the Mosquito Lagoon and went to the St. John's River to try for some shad. By now, the winds were gusting over 30 making casting the light jigs difficult. We tried trolling for a while and saw a few others hooking some shad. Only one speckled perch took
advantage of our offerings and we called it a day with only 2 fish and a case of windburn.

Thursday brought a cool start but was not quite as windy. Waite and I started off in the Mosquito Lagoon again looking for some schooling reds. After a bit of searching, we found a couple schools and Waite landed a red on a green CAL. The school never let us get close enough for another shot. We continued seeing reds throughout the morning but the fish were very skittish and reluctant to eat. As the clouds rolled in and the rain began to fall, we moved over to the St. Johns for another shot at the shad. Action was slow but Wait did get two nice shad on a tandem chartreuse jig setup.

By early next week, the weather should be stabilized and a warming trend will bring temperatures in the 80's by next weekend. With the water temperature increasing daily and
the winds forecast to be light, it should be an excellent week of sight fishing the flats.

Look for tailing fish on the shallow flats in the afternoons. There should be ample shots at them and they will be willing to take a well placed fly or small soft plastic.

Capt. Chris Myers
Central Florida Sight Fishing Charters
 Feb 16, 2007; 12:17PM - Butler Chain
 Category:  Florida
 Author Name:  Capt Tim Fey
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Butler Chain has been fishing pretty good, with a stable weather pattern, either extended warm or extended cooler periods, the bass have been active and feeding pretty good. Two of the top producers over the past 2 weeks has been Lakes Chase and Down. Grass beds have been the best way to catch the bass, some days it has been a case of working the outside edges and other days it has been working the inside of the grass beds, scattered and or thinned out grass beds have produced some good quality bass to 4 pounds slow rolling spinner baits through them, as well as using Gitem Shads or K.Os worked very slow.

Butler Chain bite has seemed to be a little better closer to high noon, with the sun warming the waters, with surface temperatures reaching 64 degrees. I have been noticing more bass beds showing up, but with fronts coming in, they have been getting pushed away from the beds for the most part, with several bass being caught that have already spawned, colder mornings and mornings right now in general have dictated a much slower presentation until the sun warms the waters, best action has come in waters ranging from 6 to 12 feet deep. For the beds that are currently empty, working the general area slow with anything from lizards to Senko type baits has yielded some good solid buck bass, as they are cruising the areas.

Last week I did come across some good schooling action on Lake Down, and a few days with warmer air temperature a few bass were pick up off beds, with most in the 4 to 5 pound range, with on bass not wanting to touch anything that was worked by her, until I tied on a HighRoller 5 inch Fingerling in the trout pattern, as soon as this lure made contact with the bass bed, the gal turned and pounced it without any hesitation.

Cooler weather this weekend, so slow down and be patient. Till my next report,
Tight lines and great fishing!
 Jan 25, 2007; 06:56PM - Butler Chain
 Category:  Florida
 Author Name:  Capt Tim Fey
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: This report is for Wednesday the 24th, today I once again had the great pleasure of having Rod and his son Shawn back out on the Butler Chain, and once again the Chain did not let us down. This time we worked Lakes Chase and Lake Blanche and once again the bass did not let us down. Altho with a different weather pattern at hand, colder in the morning and much less sun than the previous day, we still got our catch, and almost got another 10 pounder.

Rod had a hook up with one that would have been bigger than the 10 pounder from the previous day, hooking up with her 4 times, first time she took him into the grasses and broke off, second time she got into the structure and worked loose, 3rd and 4th time she managed to shake off before getting to the boat, the back on this gal was huge as we watched her surface after his shiner 3 different times and the wake she kicked out had the guys excited for hours.

This is the time of year to catch some serious bass on Butler, and as Rod knows, not having caught a 10 pound bass until yesterday, and having a shot at 3 of them in 2 days, this chain does hold some very good action, as he said “ that was exciting seeing her do all that” as the big gal attacked his bait. Its always great to have a father and son on the water, catching quality bass and enjoying eachother, that, in itself made the day complete.
Till my next report, tight lines and great fishing!
Capt Tim Fey
 Jan 23, 2007; 05:13PM - Butler Chain 10 pounder
 Category:  Florida
 Author Name:  Capt Tim Fey
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Today I had the great pleasure of having a great father and son trip on the Butler Chain.
Rod and his son Shawn wanted to get in on some great bass fishing action, and believe me, the bass did not let them down. The guys had opted for shiners and the bass agreed with their choice of baits, 2 minutes in to the trip, Shawn hooks up a beautiful 4 pound bass as she was cruising by one of many beds we spotted today. The guys were hooking bass here and there throughout the chain as we moved from Little Lake Down to Wauseon Bay, and over to Lake Chase. Every area we hit we had some action, and believe me folks, this was one of those days that dreams were made of, the guys caught one bass that was around 1 ˝ pounds, and all the others were 4 pounds or better, with their best 5 bass coming in at just over 30 pounds.

The highlite of the days was when Rod had tossed his bait out, and in a matter of minutes the fight was on, this bass hosed his bait and ran all over the place, almost getting hung in the big motor, then making a move and almost tagging the trolling motor before Rod got her under control, and catching his first ever 10 pound bass, as this gal weighed in at a nice 10.25 pounds on the digital scale. Second biggest bass was caught by his son Shawn, which came in at just over 6 ˝ pounds.

They did have another big gal hooked up but with a few shakes of the head, she found her way to freedom, close to having 2 bass over 10 pounds, but it just wasn’t in the cards for today.

Till my next report, tight lines and great fishing!!
Capt Tim Fey

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